Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Once a day? who was I kidding....Lesson 17 to 18

Me when I went to visit my son and went on a hike
view from mountain above corvallis
The "I see no Neutral things"... lesson 17 is a fire starter. once you start delving into that you get all sorts of controversial stuff.  I've been so busy that I am about a week behind posting my experiment.... I've been filming fashion designer interviews, filming my new webshow "Weird in P-Town"  that will be fun.... the first episode was at the UFO Fest.... which was silly really. I'm just looking for things that are different, and weird, sort of piggy backing on the Portlandia Series success.
my kids walking up the path
the mossy trees
I've been volunteering for Women in Film and even gotten a few inquiries for work, which I am just too busy right now to take on something else.

Also if you saw my latest movie "Call me Cupid" originally 4 and 1/2 minutes it is now 3 minutes long and called "Twisted Cupid" and I am doing a sound design on it.

I've been trying to be generous.  I had a realization today that sometimes people don't want to be helped or sometimes when you help someone who needs help it makes you both nervous.
my 2 boys

And I also went to the 3rd of my 4 free counselling sessions through my schools EAP. You know I did feel depressed for a few weeks, but I think I am really starting to get my silly back.  So I go in there again, thinking that I am really sort of wasting time with this because I am already good at coping, but through the process of talking to her I realized I have a negative body image.... I'm 40 and a little heavier, and not as attractive and you see there I go again. ....
Oh and on Saturday night I went out with my friend and her girlfriend, because my hubby was hung over and didn't want to go...and  I danced for a few songs.

my little ones posing by the bikes at my sons apts
There is a new Immigration bill "Reuniting Families" or something or other that would really help out thousands and thousands of US Citizens and I got a call from my contact at American Families United today and I am going to start working on getting support for that. When I get more details I'll post it here.

Plus week 7 at school, everything starts heating up and getting crazy.

Lets see what my lesson 18 is... I hope its something about everything being easy... I have once again successfully created chaos in my life, every term I do this. it starts out calm and then because I feel bored I create chaos...

Lesson 18," I'm not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing". Taken from the course in miracles workbook for students. It says that today's lesson is that everything we think is never neutral or unimportant and that all our minds are joined. I think that is an interesting thing to think. 3 or 4 times today look around and say "I am not alone in experiencing the effects of how I see _____"

My interpretation: this reminds me a little bit of the movie "What the bleep do we know?" In that it emphases how everyone is everyone else.... sometimes I when I drive, I look around and think how everyone else is me.... ...