Sunday, May 8, 2011

moving forward here lesson 15, and 16.

I have been quite busy with the fashion show short I am working on. It was interesting yesterday filming the fitting   for a fashion show. All those very tall, young, and beautiful girls in the high fashion outfits. My crew did great, and everything seems to be coming together fine. Tomorrow will be the interviews of the designers.  Today was my trip to Corvallis. The home of Oregon State. My Son gave us a great tour. And then we came back to his apartment for lunch and next off to a hike on a hill that overlooks Corvallis. The sun came out and the rain came out and the sun came out and the rain came out.  It was a wonderful day.  I worked through lesson 14 which was God did not create a meaningless world. Then I did lesson 15 my thoughts are images that I have made.  And I now have moved on to lesson 16 I have no neutral thoughts.  I like the idea that I have no neutral thoughts. It means that every single thought or action for that matter is either a step in faith or a step in fear. I find comfort in that. I find comfort and support in that.  I started doing something that I think may help me in this process. I decided to write the daily lesson on my arm. I am so very very busy that I was having some trouble remembering my daily lesson just 5 minutes after I would read it, so now I am writing it on my arm. Tomorrow I will do 17.