Friday, April 22, 2011

On April 20 at 4:20.... people unite in mind altering ways - Lesson 9 to 10

This is either Jimi or Junes eye 
So a few weeks ago I had some 420 and I was in the shower (thats where I can do that without the children realizing it - after they go to sleep) and I had an epiphany... I was thinking about the term "Mind Altering Drug"  Ok so what isn't a mind altering drug. Coffee certainly is. Even if I am not hallucinating after a cup of joe I am certainly in a better mood, isn't that mind altering?   I'm thinking what mind altering drug means officially is  like anti depressants, weed, acid, hmmm peyote??  what else?? But in reality can't a cheeseburger and a coke be mind altering? Have you ever seen Super Size me, thats some serious addictions there.

Ok so thats not the point of today but I just thought I'd bring that up in honor of April 20th.

Yesterday's lesson 9 was, "I see nothing as it is now"  so yeah I don't really feel this one, I'm not understanding what is reflected in my life that pertains to it, but it clearly states if you don't understand it that is all fine and dandy and appropriate, soooo I just won't worry about it.

And to compliment that very intellectual sentiment  - todays lesson is (insert gigle here)

Lesson 10, "My thoughts do not mean anything"

Description: (paraphrasing) apparently all my thoughts are not my real thoughts. And, I have no basis for comparison but it will all make sense soon enough. It says the thoughts that I am aware of are meaningless. It kinda goes in circles explaining it but it says that the lesson is to recognize nothingness when you see it. hmmm. funnny.... There is some help though... it says close your eyes and repeat todays idea, then follow it with "This idea will help to release me from all that I now believe" Then you can go through everything that crosses your mind and say.. "My thought about ____ does not mean anything" this is especially useful with any thought that is distressfull.

My interpretation: basically it is still trying to teach us to clear our minds in preparation to have pure, joyous, god/jesus-ish thoughts/kindness/forgiveness etc. etc.  ciao, hasta manana