Monday, April 25, 2011

my thoughts do not mean anything lesson 10 to 10 still yea another repeat

When we went to visit mom Saturday
Well, again you may have noticed that I missed 2 days. Thursday night  I was at Papas pizza and I felt moved to call my dear friend Mel.  I told her that I thought her mom wanted me to check on her and then I told her where I was. And what was highly interesting is that the very last time Mel saw her mom, was there at Papas pizza in SE portland.   I feel like I can pick up peoples emotions and yes maybe Darcy can still send me her emotions.

The night she died I was overcome by these visions. #1 was about how she died and #2 was Easter Seals, shouting at me over and over and over but I still don't exactly understand what it means. Darcy was  a very spiritual person and The visions seemed to say how she died and that she wanted me to go to easter seals, which with research represenst something that she did in her life. Darcy was a cna at nursing homes.  Easter Seals  is a non profit organization that helps people with disabilities. It appears now days it focuses on autism but also helps the elderly and people with other disabilities. I subscribed to their email but still have not figured out what is meant. Now when I have this lesson "My thoughts do not mean anything" it makes me wonder if I should just ignore these dream/visions I get occasionally.  I guess I just have to keep going to figure that out.

Friday night I got a chance to go out with my friend Ann. Ann and I are slowly becoming better and better  friends. Ann is that wonderfully talented friend of mine who I know we are both headed in the right direction. See one of her paintings above. We decided to go to the free night at the Portland Art Museum and we were walking around all baked and sort of going in circles and we came across this live event where people talk about what these objects mean to  them what I found immensely interesting is that these spiritual lessons had just spent several days talking about how objects don't mean anything and here I was spontaneously at this event where people talked about what objects meant to them. so so strange. Browse around that website and see if you can see a video. I saw mayor Sam Adams and I used to talk to him all the time when I worked for the city, that was before he was Mayor, it still is surprising to me that he is mayor.

Anyway, I need more time to digest this lesson. ttys