Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm upset because I see something that is not there - lesson 6 to 7

Mom at McMenamins  - Kennedy school
Junie Pelunie looking so innocent
To be honest this lesson I could not for the life of me remember. But we had a nice day regardless. We ran around all day visiting people. Usually my hubby and I are not the "drop by to visit" kind of people but my term at college has been so easy so far (thanks to my visualizing it so I think) that we had extra time to go visit people. We took mom on an outting, See her squinting at the menu.....I had my Ruby Beer - which is a berry beer I think. And we all had some burgers. I was not able to apply this lesson the way I  was supposed to. The only spiritual lesson that happened was about 6 or 7pm. I got a text from a fellow classmate/friend who has helped me on a few projects, asking for a favor to be driven to Vancouver. My first response  internally was yes. Because I read somewhere if a brother asks a favor, it causes more (karmic issues) in your own life if you fight it, than to give the favor.  But I was worried about what my husband thought. My friend had been kicked out of his dorm and didn't have anyone to give him a ride. He had too much stuff to take on the bus. So I checked with hubby and we both agreed, as long as he pay's gas no problem.  It ended  up being a nice time. And we got to visit  one additional person - one of our relatives in Vancouver. Funny how lately I'm going to Vancouver a lot.
only crayon in focus - with sunset reflection

Jimi closeup

And Yesterday we had a family barbeque which was very nice,.. We all  ate and talked all day long. We kept having to force the kids to play outside. Because they all wanted to sit on the couch.. "NO go outside its not raining its warm enough!"

Lesson 7 (I'm one day behind) "I see only the past." Taken from the Course in Miracles - workbook for students.

Description: It says this idea is hard to believe.  But it is why nothing that you see means anything.  It is why you have given everything the meaning that it has for you.  It is why you do not understand anything you see. And it is why you are upset because you see something that is not there.  It talks a lot about time  You really need to read the book if you are trying to do this. It is fascinating.  You need to go around the room and acknowledge that you see only the past in each item you see.

My interpretation: It is trying to teach us that time is not as perceived and our reality really isn't what we think it is. So by slowly deconstructing some of our basic ideas about what we are experiencing, we will ultimately find our real connection to god, as the lessons proceed.

 A final note on this - if any of this makes you very upset or uncomfortable you may want to get the book and do it at your own pace. Its taken me 11 years to get comfortable with this. Or even start with the introduction book.