Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I see only the past - Lesson 7 repeated

This was dinner while we all sat around talking Sunday
Let me see.... its been great these last days because I had much to write about.... Let me go back to yesterday... what was I doing..(remembering now).... OK. I caught up on my blogs and then my Sister-In-law came over and I helped her apply for some jobs online. Then I continued editing my fka "Call me Cupid" Movie. Which I pulled from the internet - because I'm going to perfect it before I release it to the public.  And then I went to class last night. On Monday Nights I have this class called, "Multi-Camera Production". We are learning how to film an event with 3 or more cameras. Soon we will film the Art Institute of Portland Fashon show.  I already did that event The Circus Project back in December, so I figured I might as well learn the official way to do things. So far it looks like I did everything correctly.

Yesterdays lesson was not coming to me easily.  Not until today. I really am feeling like I should take an additional day with this one because I have already had a sort of negative experience and I want to explore it.  Again today... when I look around I need to remind myself "I see only the past."

I'm just going to keep working on my homework. I watched Thelma and Louise last night I need to diagram it out, I have to watch The Usual Suspects and write an analysis. And I need to finish editing and uploading "Twisted Cupid" which is the new name for my most recent short previously named " Call me Cupid", I may be doing a Sound Design Edit on it. I love my education!

Thats all for now. (sorry for the list-ness of todays post :)

back with 7 to 8  tomorrow.