Tuesday, April 12, 2011

change your attitude and change your world - lesson 1

Keeping in mind many spiritual concepts that I've been trying to remind myself of... I am once again seeing my world change rapidly. At the end of my last term of college I was feeling high levels of anxiety, remorse about moving into apartments that don't have adequate heat, that had pests and rodents, and a really high electric bill. Guilt about my mom being injured at the facility where she lives. Yeah.. I was feeling all levels of guilt. I live my life very honestly and usually I don't have any issues with guilt. I started having this feeling like I just did not like many of my classmates.... eww, yucky feeling. to carry all of that. And then my dear friend Darcy died. Darcy is the mother of one of my oldest friends and is my friend too. And I think a lot of the anxiety that I felt had to do with her impending death.

So needless to say I started drinking a little more than usual. I have drank like 6 times in the last 2 weeks, which is a very large amount for me. I've been trying to release that stress. The other thing I've been doing other than green is reading my course in Miracles.

It doesn't really matter what spiritual path you take for your life... clearing your mind of junk really works, thinking positively really works to make miracles.

So back to where I started here, I have been remembering that everyone is me. I mean I am the driver of my own universe so everyone I see and how I perceive them is all me. I prayed to have a positive experience at college and already, I feel the kindness. The guilt I was feeling, according to my reading has no place. That's up to you whether you believe in guilt or not but The Course in Miracles clearly says that guilt is just another crutch of the ego. And personally I really like the concepts. Today I started my lessons from the course in miracles that tries to help you re - learn how to think with pure love and forgiveness, its starts very plain..

 The first lesson is "Nothing I see has meaning" I know that seems really weird to look at it that way, but the way I take it is that we put whatever attachment we feel onto the things we see when all that really matters is love, so to help you clear your mind lesson 1 is to look around your environment randomly, not compulsively 2-3 times during the day and pick out random objects and think to yourself, nothing I see has meaning.

I remember years ago when I first did this exercise it must have been 10 years ago. I felt a little lost with it. Like ... "what do you mean it has no meaning" but when I did this process in 2009 when I moved back from mexico, time actually collapsed and gave me everything I wanted at about the daily lesson 32. There are 365 lessons, and it is one of those things where if you are ready for it you are... if you are not you're not, when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

However, in the very least - if - you want to be happier - the first step you can do is to realize that all our hopes and frustrations are projected onto everything we see, if you can stay positive in your mind, your entire world will change. We hear and read it over and over and over but you just have to commit yourself to it - you can do it!