Monday, March 28, 2011

Raining on my own parade

I desire to be uplifting and fun, I desire to be helpful and insightful, to help others to get through rough times. talking about misery only causes more misery. Well that is what I always think. I try to be positive and think I want to put more positive energy out there. But Saturday a dear friend died and the same day I got a call that the new place where my mother is at had her playing basketball and now she ended up in the hospital again.

for gods sake.

good news I moved and I got my full $800 deposit back. That is nearly a miracle. Other good news items are going on ..... I pulled my my new short film so that I can make a few edits but most people like it that have seen it. I do have some good stuff going on but I am all knotted up about losing my friend. the whole thing was crazy and I may write about it after I feel a little better.