Saturday, February 5, 2011

There is a family party going on at my cunada's and what's on my mind

And I decided to come home to do homework. a couple new things:

I found this site it looks really cool but if you search and the word complaint everyone says its a scam. I was thinking about doing it until I read that.

I'm re-editing my short from December.

I'll be filming a dialog scene on Monday at school, I have some ridiculous ideas but no one seems interested.

I am convinced there truly IS sexism in the film industry I found alot of information about it. But I am a go getter and a forgiver and plan to use peace of mind to battle it. There is some interesting info here:

I've also noticed my peace of mind has not been strong lately and I've noticed that I have issues with alot of people. I see people at school that I want to avoid and I know there are alot of people now that want to avoid me. I know that means only 1 thing. I am not centered and not at peace with my world.

One cool thing I found awhile ago is  that  on FB you can like "The course in miracles" and everyday you get wonderful little reminders on how to stay centered.

I still like Mary Mannin Morressey but lately she seems too commercial always pushing for people to start being a spiritual leader by taking her courses.

I'm now taking this class that is taught by Kami Gray a Film/TV/Commercial wardrobe stylist and Costume Designer, AND.... I'm supposed to be doing homework but here I am writing notes instead.

Also I'm working on some other charity work for Girls Inc. I'll post that once I get it done.

Ohhhh I'm going to buy my very own camera pretty soon. I'm so so sosososo excited.

Anyway, I just thought I'd drop a note. I want to connect with people on a more frequent basis, and I realize my blog is all over the place, but I just have a wide variety of interests.

Oh one last thing, have you ever heard how if you fight something you are faced with it more often, I need to succumb to these people that I don't want to see because at school all the people I don't want to see are showing up more often then the people I do want to see. I just need to start reading a course in miracles again. I should join a local group....

who has time huh?


PuertoVallartaGirl in Portland