Thursday, February 3, 2011

My love affair with shoes and Maslow's Psychological theory

When I was 13 Grandma told me I needed to be careful with wearing high heels because it could mess up my feet. But who listens to Grandma at 13?  In the 80's from age 13 and on I was running around almost everyday with high heels on. Today the ZZ-top style popped into my head and I could not find the exact look of the 80s but I used to wear stiletto heels with these little bobby socks. This style is adorable, but on a 13 year old. Wow. Its funny how you look back at yourself and think, why didn't someone stop me?

Anyway, when I moved to Mexico I condensed my 52 pair down to like 10 pair - but now I've somehow built it up again. I buy high heels but the problem is, I am more comfortable in tennis shoes.  Now days I wear vans and sketchers. Thats because I go to college with  a bunch 18-24  year olds but I secretly really want to be wearing heels all the time. The reason I don't is because it is so painful I'd have to be medicated to do it, thanks grandma, wish I'd listened.  If I could only lose 20 lbs and wear heels all the time and work out 3 times a week. I want those things.  oh my god....
How weird. That reminds me of a post I wanted to write about Maslow's Hierarchy.  I think your psychological level changes by where you live or are forced to live. When I was in Mexico I was seriously in the Safety category. After I came back I was in Self-Actualization.  I've mostly been in Self-Actualization, but then because you get used to all these American Benefits and you get that sense of entitlement that all Americans have and have no idea that it is happening now I am stressing out about Love/belonging.   What is your biggest concern and where are you?