Thursday, February 24, 2011

whats shakin with me?

Well I'm 40 everything is shakin.  I had a bazar dirty dream last night. I moved to a new apartment with a patio for a garden, and a fireplace and  room for my childrens to ride their bikes.   Its snowing here. I'm working on a charity project for Girls Inc. and I'll post it soon. Its still in the draft stage. And...... I just got my very own movie/photo camera the Canon 60d.  Life is good. School is easy this term.  I've been meeting all sorts of industry professionals.  Anyway, I have tons of inspiring thoughts all the time but no time to write them up. ttys.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Want Arizona style legislation in your state? Think Again.

see article at:

Some States “Just Say No” to Harmful Immigration Enforcement Laws
By Seth Hoy
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If Arizona had its own television show, the warning “don’t try this at home” would appear after every commercial break. (Cut to tumbleweeds and Arizona businesses pulling their pockets inside out) This week, some states—like Virginia, South Dakota and New Hampshire—actually heeded that warning and rejected a host of enforcement measures targeting undocumented immigrants. States like Oregon, Colorado and Maryland are even introducing progressive, common sense immigration proposals that benefit their state. That is, of course, not to say that other states like Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arizona aren’t still pursing harmful enforcement legislation, but they do so in full light of the social and economic consequences—consequences for which Arizona and other states are still paying.

This week, the Virginia Senate subcommittee rejected 10 of the 12 House-approved bills targeting undocumented immigrants, one of which was HB 2332, an Arizona-style enforcement bill. Critics complained the proposed bill would foster racial profiling while others, like Virginia Del. Scott A. Surovell, commented that the GOP’s current immigrant-focused enforcement strategy is like “a longterm kamikaze mission” given the states growing Latino population.

Similarly, South Dakota’s House State Affairs Committee voted 11-2 earlier this week to reject their Arizona-esque immigration enforcement bill (HB 1198). Mayor Mike Levsen commented that city police just didn’t have the time to investigate “the status of a single person,” while Tom Barnett, Executive Director of the State Bar of South Dakota, highlighted the potential burden to state taxpayers. “We will get sued,” he said, “and we will lose.”

New Hampshire also briefly jumped in and out of the immigration enforcement ring this week when the House Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety recommended the early death of HB 644. While not exactly an Arizona copycat law, HB 644 included a bundle of enforcement provisions targeting undocumented immigrants.

On the progressive front, both Oregon and Maryland introduced immigration bills that would allow undocumented students to pay in-state tuition—tuition that goes a long way in funding the states’ higher education systems. A similar bill, SB 126, cleared the Colorado Senate Education Committee this week and now goes to the Senate Finance Committee.

But even states introducing proactive immigration laws are still capable of moving forward with Arizona-style laws, regardless of the bill’s viability. Colorado state Senator Kent Lambert filed SB 54, an Arizona-esque bill, this week in spite of the fact that a similar bill (HB 1107) was killed over fiscal concerns in the House last week. And lawmakers in Tennessee considered three immigration proposals this week—one of which allows police to “question the citizenship of anyone lawfully stopped”—even though a recent poll reveal that more Tennesseans think the economy should be their top priority.

In Kansas, Secretary of State Kris Kobach (an old hand at crafting anti-immigration legislation) and Republican Rep. Lance Kinzer introduced an immigration bill modeled on Arizona’s SB 1070. Kobach believes the bill will pass with a conservative House and a Republican Governor, but others think a moderate Senate, opposition from business groups, and the way Arizona’s law plays out in the courts is enough to hold the bill up.

Oklahoma’s Senate committee approved two immigrant enforcement bills this week in a party-line vote, one of which (SB 908) legislators call “Arizona-plus” due to the provision that allows police to confiscate the property (homes and cars) of those found to be in the country illegally. Despite claims that the bill is “mean-spirited” and a distraction from more important priorities, the measures will advance to Oklahoma’s Senate Appropriations Committee.

And for the crown jewel of enforcement legislation this week, we go to SB 1070’s birthplace, Arizona, where state lawmakers proposed a bill (SB 1405) that would require hospitals to check the immigration status of patients. State Sen. Kyrsten Sinema made the point that this bill would place an undue “burden on hospitals to act as immigration agents” while retired doctor, George Pauk, asked why the state would want to “stop sick people from coming for health care?” State Sen. Russell Pearce (author of SB 1070) responded with this nugget of wisdom, “We’re going to enforce our laws without apology.”

It’s that lack of apology which makes this slippery slope of state enforcement legislation all the more frustrating—the lack of apology to the taxpayers who will ultimately foot the bill for these laws, and the lack of apology from Congress for their continued failure to put politics aside and find real solutions to our immigration problems.

Photo by Phoney Nickle.

Monday, February 14, 2011

MTV skins is more true than people want to believe

That new show on MTV called skins... really says alot about todays youth, I heard there is a lot of controversy about it. But I also think that our society is barely coming aware of how true these situations are. Kids really are experiencing this stuff.

In the last 10 years, I have heard the story way too many times, that this child and that child have ADHD or on medication for depression. ven my highly intelligent son who is in college now was recommended for adhd medicine in first grade. I was like "Hell no!". He's a kid....

I think there is this idea that we must categorize everyone and figure out exactly what they are like and then treat them appropriately. I personally believe that we, meaning society, has drifted so far from the true reason people get depressed, and the true nature of our actions.

Like ADHD... what about food alergies? Sugar affecting kids in a bad way? And who would want to give a small child speed which leads them down a path of drug addiction for the rest of their lives. Its like saying you are flawed, I don't have time to try harder to deal with you, I give up on you.

Depression. Ok, my Mom is seriously mentally ill. And I know that she has a brain imbalance that with the trials and erros of 30 years of taking medicine has totally fried her brain. But, I've also had many discussions with her psychologists about the fact that medication cannot make a manic episode go away, it can only calm her or tranquilize her and make her easier to deal with for staff. On the flip side how much damage has been caused by those same medicines. My Mom is so irreparable now, I still wonder if the medicines are the cause.

Now lets go somewhere in the middle. Sleep issues? I've been having sleep issues and I am starting to think it has to do with the pain reliever I've been taking. But more likely it has to do with the fact that I am so busy busy busy doing a million things and I have problems relaxing because I have a million things to do. Should I now take a sleep medicine to make me sleep? Then god knows what I'd do then, since I am already prone to sleep walk. God no.... I will never take that stuff.

Or Depression - I personally feel that the true cause of most depression is loneliness or a loss of faith in life..... Laughter really is the best medicine as well as hope and belief that everything will be ok. I think depression comes from the lack of those things. The feeling of being trapped in a life you don't want or being paralyzed with fear to go for your dream. OR even achieving your dream and then not knowing what to do. Sometimes its from just having everything be pretty good and still not being satisfied because every day is the same...

What solves depression? A new pill that pharmasuetical companies can make millions on? No I think what solves depression is faith and hope, and a general feeling that everything will be ok. I'm not pushing religion I'm just suggesting that each person search for true meaning and a faith that feels real and natural for them. ...

I know that my days of where I feel like I don't belong or that things are out of whack where ever I go, are directly proportional to my inner dialog. If I get back to being centered and my position of faith my entire world changes around me. If my mind says, everyone is beautiful, and I am in a loving environment I am..

I know I harp on this alot but I just want everyone to be happy. If you are intrested in more of this I suggest reading the book creative visualizaiton by shatki gawain.

The first time I read that it was an uttlery amazing magical experience because my entire life was turned upside down int he best way ever. It was like magic.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Turn Around - 1 minute comedy

Check out my new short - I wrote and produced it, as well as did the editing.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Breathe - Final shorter version

Here is the final updated version of my Short film Breathe from December.

A story about a girl who is trying to make it in the US and her mom wants her to come home. Everything looks like its falling apart, until hope arrives. Written, Directed, Produced, Art Design, and Edited by Heather Dominguez DP, Juliano Aneli, Aaron Nelson, lighting/sound Assistance /girl with baby - Kellie Wilson and artwork by Ann Tseng, Photography by Thorington Photos, sound from

Saturday, February 5, 2011

There is a family party going on at my cunada's and what's on my mind

And I decided to come home to do homework. a couple new things:

I found this site it looks really cool but if you search and the word complaint everyone says its a scam. I was thinking about doing it until I read that.

I'm re-editing my short from December.

I'll be filming a dialog scene on Monday at school, I have some ridiculous ideas but no one seems interested.

I am convinced there truly IS sexism in the film industry I found alot of information about it. But I am a go getter and a forgiver and plan to use peace of mind to battle it. There is some interesting info here:

I've also noticed my peace of mind has not been strong lately and I've noticed that I have issues with alot of people. I see people at school that I want to avoid and I know there are alot of people now that want to avoid me. I know that means only 1 thing. I am not centered and not at peace with my world.

One cool thing I found awhile ago is  that  on FB you can like "The course in miracles" and everyday you get wonderful little reminders on how to stay centered.

I still like Mary Mannin Morressey but lately she seems too commercial always pushing for people to start being a spiritual leader by taking her courses.

I'm now taking this class that is taught by Kami Gray a Film/TV/Commercial wardrobe stylist and Costume Designer, AND.... I'm supposed to be doing homework but here I am writing notes instead.

Also I'm working on some other charity work for Girls Inc. I'll post that once I get it done.

Ohhhh I'm going to buy my very own camera pretty soon. I'm so so sosososo excited.

Anyway, I just thought I'd drop a note. I want to connect with people on a more frequent basis, and I realize my blog is all over the place, but I just have a wide variety of interests.

Oh one last thing, have you ever heard how if you fight something you are faced with it more often, I need to succumb to these people that I don't want to see because at school all the people I don't want to see are showing up more often then the people I do want to see. I just need to start reading a course in miracles again. I should join a local group....

who has time huh?


PuertoVallartaGirl in Portland

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Circus Project Charity Event "Induldge"

Here you go, here is a fun circus show that I produced the filming of, as well as edited. There is a fantastic juggling show in the middle.

Making some head way in the Immigration Court of Appeals Check it out!

Legal Action Center American Immigration -

Federal Court Upholds Immigrants' Right To Reopen Cases From Outside the U.S.

I also read another article from the Legal Action center saying that "Board of Immigration Appeals Overturns Previous Ruling,
Narrows Grounds for Deportation"

At least something is moving forward.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My love affair with shoes and Maslow's Psychological theory

When I was 13 Grandma told me I needed to be careful with wearing high heels because it could mess up my feet. But who listens to Grandma at 13?  In the 80's from age 13 and on I was running around almost everyday with high heels on. Today the ZZ-top style popped into my head and I could not find the exact look of the 80s but I used to wear stiletto heels with these little bobby socks. This style is adorable, but on a 13 year old. Wow. Its funny how you look back at yourself and think, why didn't someone stop me?

Anyway, when I moved to Mexico I condensed my 52 pair down to like 10 pair - but now I've somehow built it up again. I buy high heels but the problem is, I am more comfortable in tennis shoes.  Now days I wear vans and sketchers. Thats because I go to college with  a bunch 18-24  year olds but I secretly really want to be wearing heels all the time. The reason I don't is because it is so painful I'd have to be medicated to do it, thanks grandma, wish I'd listened.  If I could only lose 20 lbs and wear heels all the time and work out 3 times a week. I want those things.  oh my god....
How weird. That reminds me of a post I wanted to write about Maslow's Hierarchy.  I think your psychological level changes by where you live or are forced to live. When I was in Mexico I was seriously in the Safety category. After I came back I was in Self-Actualization.  I've mostly been in Self-Actualization, but then because you get used to all these American Benefits and you get that sense of entitlement that all Americans have and have no idea that it is happening now I am stressing out about Love/belonging.   What is your biggest concern and where are you?