Monday, January 31, 2011

ONE THING I hate about Adsense are the Racist ads on my page

If you see an ad/Poll for personalliberty - show up on the right of this page, I'm not sure if it will help but please vote against what they are suggesting. They are doing a poll, which has been taken primarily by White republicans, I'm sure, that suggests the nation follow in Arizona's footsteps with racist laws. It is so insulting after what happened with the shooting of the Congress Woman

It is amazingly clear that the poor victims in that shooting which was a result of this racist campaign and politics going too far that all the hatred causes eventual violence. When will it stop. if you see it, maybe go in there and vote NO you don't want that in your state, and NO immigrants aren't taking US Citizen jobs etc. etc.

Adsense you put the WRONG AD ON MY page, I need to figure out if I can get that off my page.

This happened one other time Adsense put that border patrol show on my page. That nat geo border patrol show that shows latino americans brutally arresting latino's who are trying to get back to the US to be with and support their american children. Even more ironic they are latinos arresting latinos in an area that used to be Mexico.