Friday, January 7, 2011

Looking for subjects for an Immigration Reform Documentary:

I am currently in pre-production on a Documentary about Mixed Status Families and how the US Immigration Laws are affecting American Families. I am looking for the following couples that the documentary will be based on:

  • one couple where the husband or wife was in the US for several years waiting the arrival of of their husband or wife.
  • one couple that were basically forced to move to Mexico because the US Immigration laws denied immigration benefits based on the 1996 laws.
  • one couple who have been denied benefits and live separately, but are still hopeful and want to be together but cannot due to the 1996 laws.
  • one couple that lives in the US the husband or wife is a US citizen or Resident alien and the partner is in the country illegally and either cannot file for immigration benefits or has already been denied due to the 1996 laws.

If you are reading this and have some questions about what this would require make a comment and then we can email about it. I am doing this project voluntarily and have no money of my own, so in order to get the costs covered I need to get the project outlined and planned out and then I may be able to get crowd funding or some sponsorships.

There would be no pay but it would be doing a service to help your cause by showing the american public that the current immigration laws are harshly affecting US Citizens. In the case of people in the US Illegally we could disguise them somehow or do it in silhouette. In all cases I would come to you and interview you in your home. This would happen probably sometime this year.  You would be required to sign a standard appearance release.