Wednesday, January 12, 2011

getting memories online

So right now all my video taking for the last 7 years is finally paying off. I've been documenting my families events and now with the TV's that connect to the internet, even my husbands family is finally online. For the last few days I've been converting videos which were originally in Hi8 camcorder - later converted to DVD with a recordable dvd player, and now I'm converting to .avi and uploading.

Its been years in the coming and earlier when people thought I was annoying now they appreciate it. This kind of stuff is so time consuming. No one ever has the slightest idea of how putting pictures online and organizing photos and videos takes some serious time. My husband always thinks I'm playing on the computer, when I'm working on a family legacy. I mean if I die who would think to get these videos out for everyone to share?  I have videos of my father-in-law before he died. All my nieces and nephews when they were little.  Etc Etc.

The quality is terrible after being transfered so many times, and it was before I learned about photography but they are our families legacy. I hope Youtube lasts for ever.