Sunday, January 16, 2011

Exercise Poem - from last term

My teacher seemed to like this poem. OR POE --- EM as she pronounces them. I think it is rather silly but here it is:

Exercise poem
I’ve been thinking how…
I wonder if fish get angry
satisfied Flounder
sautéed Salmon
how mad they must be
chicken of the sea
such an insult
falling when a hook
catches you

dip, stab, white pain
the fear of my own black montage creeping
into my vision
while I drive
down the freeway
splash in clouds
make it go away
run away from those
cold black sentiments

mother of newborn
scared of dropping baby

as I walked down the grocery isle and he held that baby, while over his shoulder
that baby smiled
and I smiled
the next isle again
we smiled
again the next
we smiled