Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busy busy busy in Portlandia

Why is it I have a way of creating an impossible schedule. This term I only have 3 classes and 2 are super easy.  Somehow I've got myself all tied up with charity work. The theory is between the internship, charity work for The Circus Project and now some volunteer work for Girls Inc.  (all filming or filming and editing work) I will get some good references and then in the near future start getting paid for it.

All is well with everything else except that I have not been giving my husband enough attention.  After 12 years we need to work to keep the love alive - and I swear what is going to get that feeling back is to just buy a stereo (I left 2 great receivers in Mexico)

I want a stereo.

My husband laughs at me - but I think if we had a stereo in the house we would dance and if we danced - I will get that romantic feeling back. Its been all work and no play and I just don't know why I keep doing that to myself.

I am just seriously determined about my career...

Also I have a new idea about changing the focus of my webshow. I'm just not far enough into dogs to pull off the dog webshow"Vegas takes Oregon". I'm not motivated to do it because I'm not into dogs.  Now I'm thinking on doing one about how to keep Portland Weird. Piggy back on the success of Portlandia. Have you seen it..? It is excruciatingly funny.

Check it out - here is a music video but the show is skits that are sort of like SNL: