Monday, January 31, 2011

ONE THING I hate about Adsense are the Racist ads on my page

If you see an ad/Poll for personalliberty - show up on the right of this page, I'm not sure if it will help but please vote against what they are suggesting. They are doing a poll, which has been taken primarily by White republicans, I'm sure, that suggests the nation follow in Arizona's footsteps with racist laws. It is so insulting after what happened with the shooting of the Congress Woman

It is amazingly clear that the poor victims in that shooting which was a result of this racist campaign and politics going too far that all the hatred causes eventual violence. When will it stop. if you see it, maybe go in there and vote NO you don't want that in your state, and NO immigrants aren't taking US Citizen jobs etc. etc.

Adsense you put the WRONG AD ON MY page, I need to figure out if I can get that off my page.

This happened one other time Adsense put that border patrol show on my page. That nat geo border patrol show that shows latino americans brutally arresting latino's who are trying to get back to the US to be with and support their american children. Even more ironic they are latinos arresting latinos in an area that used to be Mexico.

Those psychotic neighbors are challenging my self control

So, on an everyday basis I would say I am someone who blurts out almost anything that is on my mind. And usually it is not a huge problem because I am usually thinking thoughts of harmony and kindness. However, I have these psychotic neighbors that I have written about here before. They are freaking out on me all the time, because, I have kids. And kids make noise sometimes. My children are basically well behaved and pretty quiet. But they do jump occasionally and run around and sometimes I get into screaming matches with my 8 yearold because she throws a tantrum.

A few months ago they freaked out because the leaves of their tropical plant were falling off and they were convinced that my children were picking the leaves off. Somehow as they screamed in foul language at me, my sister-in-law, and our two 4 year olds, I stood there calm and patient. We both tried to keep it light hearted as they got more and more aggressive and psychotic on us. And seemed as if they would get violent.

We walked away shaken and surprised and then the lady even screamed at me several more times, and somehow I was able to keep my cool though out the experience.

The whole thing started because of that plant which idiots that they are, the leaves were falling off because of the cold. DUH! It's called Fall for a reason.

One day early December I was filming a short and one of my crew stepped within 4 feet of her door and she opened it up and I said to my crew, "oh yea, I forgot that lady does't want people by her door" , she say's really loud, "That's right Bitch" in an aggressive way.

During Christmas they did something really weird too. They had previously thought my children were touching their plant, which is untrue, my children are NEVER out there unsupervised. So during Christmas time they hung up 3 indoor type stockings on the rail, and put a wrapped box on a little table. It was as if they were trying to lure our children over there?

I was able to get over that because we want to move anyway, and well, those people have something wrong in their brain. Either they are paranoid drug users, which they don't look like it to me but their behavior seems so or they are completely racist, because they are black, and hate white or latino people? Or they really have mental problems. I've been trying not to buy into their anger and let them affect me, but it has taken months to get over their aggressive behavior. Finally within the last month I've got my mind right and to feel neutral about them.

However, last night at about 12:30 am I hear this really loud slamming in their closet, they were taking their closet door and slamming it into the side of the wall. It woke me up abruptly. And everything was quiet enough that I could hear the psychotic guy yelling. He was ranting about us saying that we were loud in the middle of the night. Which we were not. Using all sorts of foul language in an aggressive and angry way. I've already put my 30 days notice in on Saturday. In the moment I wanted to slam the wall back. I wanted to make alot of noise this morning and I had some fleeting thoughts. I see their car and I want to run into it. But I don't and I keep my mouth shut.

The reason? Well, it is some type of spiritual challenge for me. And I don't want them to be under my skin. They are messing up my polly-anna attitude. I keep having those mean thoughts to get back at them, but I don't want to be that person.

Have you ever seen, "What the bleep do we know". It is a pretty trippy quasi - spiritual vs science movie filmed in Portland. Becareful if you look for it on youtube because there are a few fake versions. It has this cool example where it shows that every person you see is the feelings and emotions you have inside yourself. So if that is true, why are these people haunting me. Well I suppose it doesn't really matter why. It only matters that I recognize that and combat it with kindness or just ignore it right?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busy busy busy in Portlandia

Why is it I have a way of creating an impossible schedule. This term I only have 3 classes and 2 are super easy.  Somehow I've got myself all tied up with charity work. The theory is between the internship, charity work for The Circus Project and now some volunteer work for Girls Inc.  (all filming or filming and editing work) I will get some good references and then in the near future start getting paid for it.

All is well with everything else except that I have not been giving my husband enough attention.  After 12 years we need to work to keep the love alive - and I swear what is going to get that feeling back is to just buy a stereo (I left 2 great receivers in Mexico)

I want a stereo.

My husband laughs at me - but I think if we had a stereo in the house we would dance and if we danced - I will get that romantic feeling back. Its been all work and no play and I just don't know why I keep doing that to myself.

I am just seriously determined about my career...

Also I have a new idea about changing the focus of my webshow. I'm just not far enough into dogs to pull off the dog webshow"Vegas takes Oregon". I'm not motivated to do it because I'm not into dogs.  Now I'm thinking on doing one about how to keep Portland Weird. Piggy back on the success of Portlandia. Have you seen it..? It is excruciatingly funny.

Check it out - here is a music video but the show is skits that are sort of like SNL:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Exercise Poem - from last term

My teacher seemed to like this poem. OR POE --- EM as she pronounces them. I think it is rather silly but here it is:

Exercise poem
I’ve been thinking how…
I wonder if fish get angry
satisfied Flounder
sautéed Salmon
how mad they must be
chicken of the sea
such an insult
falling when a hook
catches you

dip, stab, white pain
the fear of my own black montage creeping
into my vision
while I drive
down the freeway
splash in clouds
make it go away
run away from those
cold black sentiments

mother of newborn
scared of dropping baby

as I walked down the grocery isle and he held that baby, while over his shoulder
that baby smiled
and I smiled
the next isle again
we smiled
again the next
we smiled

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

getting memories online

So right now all my video taking for the last 7 years is finally paying off. I've been documenting my families events and now with the TV's that connect to the internet, even my husbands family is finally online. For the last few days I've been converting videos which were originally in Hi8 camcorder - later converted to DVD with a recordable dvd player, and now I'm converting to .avi and uploading.

Its been years in the coming and earlier when people thought I was annoying now they appreciate it. This kind of stuff is so time consuming. No one ever has the slightest idea of how putting pictures online and organizing photos and videos takes some serious time. My husband always thinks I'm playing on the computer, when I'm working on a family legacy. I mean if I die who would think to get these videos out for everyone to share?  I have videos of my father-in-law before he died. All my nieces and nephews when they were little.  Etc Etc.

The quality is terrible after being transfered so many times, and it was before I learned about photography but they are our families legacy. I hope Youtube lasts for ever.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Breaking news of 17 being shot in Arizona - suspiciously looks like from anti immigration people,0,961233.story

check fox News - too

I hope that the anti immigration people see that this is insane.  We are talking about people and families here fighting for equality and fairness.

Come on... no one should support this type of actions the radical people that are trying to take away birthright citizenship have to get real. please. this is so horrible.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Looking for subjects for an Immigration Reform Documentary:

I am currently in pre-production on a Documentary about Mixed Status Families and how the US Immigration Laws are affecting American Families. I am looking for the following couples that the documentary will be based on:

  • one couple where the husband or wife was in the US for several years waiting the arrival of of their husband or wife.
  • one couple that were basically forced to move to Mexico because the US Immigration laws denied immigration benefits based on the 1996 laws.
  • one couple who have been denied benefits and live separately, but are still hopeful and want to be together but cannot due to the 1996 laws.
  • one couple that lives in the US the husband or wife is a US citizen or Resident alien and the partner is in the country illegally and either cannot file for immigration benefits or has already been denied due to the 1996 laws.

If you are reading this and have some questions about what this would require make a comment and then we can email about it. I am doing this project voluntarily and have no money of my own, so in order to get the costs covered I need to get the project outlined and planned out and then I may be able to get crowd funding or some sponsorships.

There would be no pay but it would be doing a service to help your cause by showing the american public that the current immigration laws are harshly affecting US Citizens. In the case of people in the US Illegally we could disguise them somehow or do it in silhouette. In all cases I would come to you and interview you in your home. This would happen probably sometime this year.  You would be required to sign a standard appearance release.

Why is Birthright Citizenship right for the US?

What I want to talk about today is this Birthright Citizenship issue. Apparently England does not have birthright citizenship. That is just a rumor I asked an english person about it in December, but I have not researched it. And in truth it may be right for their country because England is a very old country - unlike the US.

Right now you will see that many Senators and Legislators are fighting to change the citizenship laws here in the US. We need to think about this very clearly. For one second stop thinking about what they THINK they are doing and think about why did we start birthright citizenship in the first place......

Birthright citizenship started because radicals were trying to say that the children of slaves were not US Citizens. They even went as far as to say anyone of African decent was not American.

The US was started as a melting pot of all the countries of the world. How can certain people change the rules any certain point in history.

The US is and has always been a compilation of all people of the world. It reminds me of my children playing. My daughter is 8 and my son is 4, and she will be playing a game and change the rules periodically to suit her needs.

That is not how it works. We need honesty, equality, integrity and fairness.

Birthright citizenship is a foundation of our country.
Here is a group of people that have joined together as humanitarians and leaders to preserve our civil rights.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mary has another great message

Hi Heather,

As we are in our first week of our brand new baby year, I want to remind you what it means to be a vision keeper. A wonderful German philosopher said, “Treat people as if they were what they could be, and you help them become what they are capable of being.”

We are vision keepers for anyone we know when we hold them to the highest point of view in our minds of what’s possible for them. We hold a vision for them as others are holding a vision for us. We can all remind each other when we’ve lost sight of our vision.

We can think of each other in the highest point of view.

Hold The Vision,

If you like what she says you can sign up for her daily emails they are a nice reminder. Mary Morrissey dream builder emails