Friday, December 31, 2010

Visualization and how it works for me

So if you've been following since I started this.... you would know that when I started this blog I was at the very end of my money in Mexico. My friend Melony came to visit Puerto Vallarta the last week we had anything extra, the last weeks when our truck ran and my health was stabilized but still wasn't doing very good. I proceeded to blog for the next few months after that and somehow stay positive through one of the toughest times in my entire life, we ran out of money, our truck broke down and we didn't have money to fix it, we had Christmas with about 20 dollars I made and got paid the night before Christmas and went to the dollar store and tried to fake that santa clause came and put ornaments onto our plant.... and the kids were young enough and bought it.

Well I'm writing this because I remember those days when it was hotter than a... mother... bleep, and we walked down the dusty sidewalks of Puerto Vallarta - in the neighborhood behind the Marina Wallmart where our house was. We walked to the local church and we prayed to Jesus and the Virgin of Guadalupe, we prayed to the statues, and enrique was stressed out because the kids were hungry and they were running around and I went in where the Jesus was and kneeled on the ground and I prayed. We were so humbled with being beaten down, we had that great house, but -0- money, we were trying to sell the house but the realestate market had dumped....

Those were the days when I couldn't cry because I had to be strong, those were some of the toughest days of my life. and I ...... believed things could get better. And... I visulized what I wanted. And I stopped talking myself out of what I wanted based on so called "reality" and economics. I stopped going with the plan and listened to my heart. On April 6, 2009 I told Enrique I wanted to go back to Oregon and I just plain and simple had faith everything would be ok, and April 8th, due to some crazy luck, his sister loaned us the money and suddenly I was there, and 12 hours after I arrived I had everything I needed.

So I had this dream, and decided to say... screw my Health, I don't care, if I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die trying. If I got sick when I was on vacation for 2 years, I might as well be working my ass off doing what I love, so I did, I got financial aid and went back to college.

Here is my point ------ exactly 2 years after we got THAT BROKE. Where we had to borrow money on a credit line from the corner store in order to eat in Mexico, to Interning on a Feature film, with real industry professionals.

That is the miracle of visualization. I still have my Santa Barbara mansion designed in my mind, I have everything designed down to the last details. I'm even thinking of changing the carpet in the media room. It's so funny that I've spent so much time in this mansion in my mind that I'm already redecorating.

Its time for me to Make a NEW God can (its a can that you put requests into and let go) and re-align. I love these breaks in busy ness, they are imperative. It is important to be busy and it is important to reflect. Thank you god. Thank you for everything you have given me. Thank you for your miracles.