Thursday, December 30, 2010

quiet house - no homework, no work but still up at 1:11 am

Its weird having to get back to being normal. I was running around for 6 weeks at high-speed and loving it and now... everything slows down and after a few days I was seriously trippin out. It is very difficult to switch speeds from High to super low in like 2 days.

Now I have prayed and meditated on it and made peace, had the relationship check in conversation. something like....I still love you and want to make everything fun and sexy again,, you? we've sort of been distracted and not exactly paying that close of attention to each other and I noticed I've been drifting so .... lets both keep making an effort to keep this great.

I am faced with a = do we have to have this conversation again... look
and I clarify, that this is important so that we never get to the ... its tooo late point.

so anyway, I stayed off the computer while hubby was awake and he was sweet to me and treated me very sexy. and ..... I'm up at 1:23 am doing the computer. But its ok I've been sleeping in till 10, vacation ahhhh.

This Friday night 12/31 - will be 12 years since the day we met. He was 21 and I was 27. This Friday we plan to go hang out at a friends house with her and her new boyfriend and play games and sleep over so that we don't drink and drive. I am hopeful it will be fun and romantic. Because my friend and her boyfriend like to dance too.

I fell in love with my husband because of how he dances, and stayed in love because of how soulful he was.

Here is to making marriage work. It does take effort, we both agreed, and we also agreed its worth it and we both still want to make it a priority.

God bless you and peace to the every day working people who find happiness in the little things. thats keeping it real.