Wednesday, November 3, 2010

update on the every day stuff - ramble

My life - filming a web series every other week"Vegas Takes Oregon" . Organizing and scheduling betweenfilming . Running around for my kids and my mom, and attending classes. About 3pm every day I'm exhausted, but I take a pain reliever and I get through the day. I met a real actress last friday and hope to trade footage for her reel for some free acting. here she is on this page, she is on the bottom right photo.

Then that same evening my very gifted artist. She Actually gave  me 3 original pieces of art and 2 prints. I couldn't believe it,  see here Art by A T Whim I was so mixed emotions about it, because I was scared she is giving me this highly valuable pieces. That I told her if one day they are worth lots of money I'd be willing to give them back. She is so humble and gifted, Check out her page.

The sleep doctor sucks ass, and they are only peddling there cpap machines anyway. What a waste. Hmmm, what else, I've been absent minded lately, I'm such a bad girl.

Too much paperwork coming through the mail. I can barely remember to pay rent. Speaking of rent I have to move. I need a yard.

bla blab bla

but I'm in the zone ya know, feeling like a director. Every week I film something for my video production class. I constantly have film cameras, lights, and equipment checked out.

June had strep throat monday.

My washing machine broke.

I don't have any pants to wear.

and I'm always running around with my head cut off. My little guy jimi crawls into my bed every night to cuddle.

I'm already signing up for classes in January, I will be taking a wardrobe for tv and film class sounds interesting.

I'm still 180lbs, I need to lose weight, but for like a month I had lost my appetite from the thyroid surgery and I still didn't lose weight, that reminds me the sleep doctor says if I gain 40 lbs all the sudden come see him.

Maybe I need a cpap? I hated that thing. Not only did I look like an alien, it made me feel like I was suffocating.