Monday, November 8, 2010

Strangers are beautiful people, but so are the ones I know!

So I had a realization last week.  All this negativity I've been experiencing lately is because I have drifted further and further away from my spiritual practice. One of my practices is  "The Course in Miracles"  and periodically I drown in all the weird little details of my life.

I need to get back to my healthy thinking.  One thing that has helped me get a little better is the practice that I've written about before. Everytime I see someone,  I say in my mind "What a beautiful person".

I've written about this before.  For some back ground - the entire practice started because I noticed in myself an un-easyness when I would see someone with an irregularity, such as  severely heavy, deformed, burned, what ever type of issues.  I am not certain where this comes from, fear of the unknown.  Anyway, I quickly mastered this defect in myself by training my mind to silently say "You are a beautiful person"  and it helped me. But then later on I noticed something strange, I started giving prefernce of positive thoughts to those who were different, and then didn't think anything at all with average seeming people.  So eventually I taught myself to silently say "you are a beautiful person" to everyone.

As I am writing this I had the realization that I still hold a prefernce for who I give these positive thoughts to. I usually only do this process with strangers.  So why should strangers get a higher energy from me than the people I know. Ok.... from now on,  I vow that I will think "what a beautiful person" to everyone I encounter everywhere.

If you want to see a shift in yourself, try it, it really helps.

For today:  Mary Mannin Morressey

Mary - sent me this wonderful message, I hope you enjoy:

Hi PuertoVallartaGirl,

Hold the thought of wholeness, even in the presence of what appears to be its absence. 
We can look at something and think it to be less than it could be from our viewpoint.  If we can shift our perception and anchor our own mind in abundance, we can repattern our thinking and remember the abundance that is present everywhere.
When we recognize abundance everywhere and align with it, we bring it into our experience.  Disregard the current condition and align with abundance.
Enjoy Abundance All Around You,
Mary Morressey