Monday, November 22, 2010

The real truth.

My family:
I haven't developed much of a readership like other blogs. Its because I edit out a  major portion of my life. And that is the life with my husband. He is an immigrant.  We live a peaceful life he supports me, financially and emotionally.  He makes it possible that I can go to college. All he ever wanted for his life are a family and a business. He just wants to provide. How can I blog about my life without talking about my real life. Its just posting snippets. But here I am its been over a year since I went silent and I still pray for immigration reform.  I still pray that the humanitarian in all of us will come forward and realize that family isn't about borders. And that this country is a melting pot and always has been.

My beliefs:
I've been in film school since 10/2009 and already my dreams have started to materialize. I visualized what I wanted about 2 years ago when I was deathly sick and dirt poor, in Puerto Vallarta. Now I have everything. But the one thing that is trying to stop me is...

My health:

I had blood clot to my brain in May this year, its a TIA, it is a warning of a stroke. It is a mini stroke. I was fine coming out of that but since 5 of those happened when I was relaxing in Mexico, I do not see any reason to wait for it to happen while I'm here in the US.  They are starting to happen again -= FOR SOME BLEEPING REASON=- People might say slow down and take it easy. That depresses me.  So just like many poetic rap songs say, I'm gonna die trying. I''m going to die trying to make my dreams come true. and I believe, IF I can just keep my mind STRAIGHT AND POSITIVE and sort out the Bullshit from the truth, the truth being that faith can heal me. I will be healed and I will have that mansion and prestigious career.....   and good health.


Pray for yourself, if you don't believe that, visualize happiness, peace and love,  for yourself, and for all your friends and loved ones. We all need to stay positive. The stresses of life and business can really hold us back and we all have to remember at the end of the day, all anyone really wants in this world is to be loved and understood.

Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland