Thursday, November 18, 2010

Film Career stuff

Ok, I deleted the post of where I am working as an intern  because I found out I SHOULD not post anything on a blog or facebook.  So here is my  new post minus the name of the movie. I am working on a movie as an intern, Yea, learning alot, later on I can post more about my experience, in an anonymous way but over all... I'm super excited.

I've been running my webshow weekly and the last show filmed was last Sunday, I'm doing a part 2 special segment on Friday with a personal interview.   That is going really well and serendepitious.

Lastly, For my final project in my production class I've secured a real Actress for my project. I'm super excited about all of this, just crazy crazy busy again. For about 5 weeks I will be super busy, and then, I get to relax