Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something to think about from Mary Mannin Morressey

Good Morning:

Some of you may know I get a daily inspirational email from Mary Mannin Morressey. Often I get so busy that I don't have time to read it. I get a few hundred emails everyday, 1/2 of which go directly to spam where I scan them to see if I actually want to read any of that. The rest I carefully go through at some point.  My Inspirational messages were stacking up un-read so I moved them into the "Spiritual" folder waiting for a day when I can read them.

But today my inbox was small and clean and so I took the time to read it. I find Mary's message today very thought provoking..  First off let me say, if you are interested in Mary Mannin Morressey check out her website: I've always been a big fan of Mary.   The reason I am such a big fan of her is because when she was at the Living Enrichment center she would do these spoken word series, often taken from services at the church. All they would really boil down to were stories of why kindness is the best way to go, and love is the most important thing. She would have you laughing and crying in 20 minutes and you would feel like you wanted to help make the world a better place. I think I might post some of the audio on my account with a slideshow, because I can't find them anymore....

Well, here is the email from today and for me it really is thought provoking:

October 21, 2010
 Hi PuertoVallarta Girl,
 Evolutionary biology is showing that it is always the highly cooperative species, not the highly competitive, that survive dramatic shifts. 
 Instead of believing that there’s only limited good, understand that there is an opulence of good.  We actually contribute to the good when we are in harmony with it and demonstrate it.
 When we lift our consciousness, there is a raising of the consciousness of the whole world.  Be in harmony with your good.
 Harmonize And Enjoy,