Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So I was visiting with my sister-in-law today. She is originally born in Mexico but has lived here since 1999.  She is a giving person with a very likable and giving nature. She is a fabulous cook that puts love into everything she cooks. Because she only has a highschool equivalent from Mexico she is only able to get jobs that are labor based. She has a heart of gold, loves her family fiercely. She helps almost anyone if they ask for her help. She devotes each Sunday to going to church and spending time with her family. She has traditional ideas about family time and everyone always gathers at her house. She doesn't want random people to join these gatherings because to her the time is sacred. She usually puts everyone first before her own needs. She is heavy but has an endless stamina I don't know where she gets it from. She worries way too much about everyone doing well, or their health. And she does this equally for everyone in her life. She is kind and loving. She has spark and fire. She will call out certain situations or people -  though she holds her tongue if she thinks her words are damaging. In her time here in the US she has become more American in the way that she has learned how to drive, how to find help for herself and her family when they need help.  Or legal rights.  Everywhere she works, she makes herself indispensable.

She is a wonderful person to have in my family and I am honored.

So I was at her house this morning watching her make me lunch. I gave up fighting her on her working too hard about 10years ago when she was 8 months pregnant and insisted on doing all the work, at a family picnic. I tried to fight her and everyone told me just let her do it, she WANTS to. And, after living in Mexico and knowing her mother it is just the way they both are(her and her mother). They show love to people through the food they cook. To them when they cook it isn't just cooking.

This morning she was talking about how, due to unfortunate circumstances, she is not able to drive anymore.  The point of this story is that she was scared to take public transportation late at night.  She told me that last week she took the train, it was about 11pm at night and she had to walk  8 blocks on a busy road from the train to her house.   Some drunk people in a car turned quickly past her, almost hitting her and she shrieked in surprise. They all laughed really loud and yelled "fucking beaner".  She didn't even really care about the racial slur what she was concerned about was they could have hit her with the car.

I almost cried, I did get tears in my eyes,  because it is just so mean, and she so giving.

If you like please pray for her Abundance,  she is Patty in Portland, Oregon

Thank you, Puerto Vallarta Girl