Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Portland a great place to raise a family, and some Environmental Tips for Halloween

Low quality picture of Downtown
Portland Taken from I-5 going South
So I get this really great email update
from The Environmental
Working Group  Today I got an email with  tips for a Green Halloween It is a little freaky reading this but I believe we all need to become aware of all the chemicals that are around us.

Portland, Oregon is all about living a healthier life. I heard on the news last night that Portland is #6 on the list at Parenting magazine of the best cities to raise a family. I am not surprised at all. I hear that a lot. I went to a Talk several months ago which had some film industry people who had worked for Dreamworks and Disney and other Hollywood companies. This group of 3-5 people moved up here to Portland because they got to that point in their lives when they wanted to raise their family and they wanted to do it somewhere with the best intentions for their children. Portland is a rising star in the TV and Film Industry and it has become a natural choice for alot of people.
This is The Armory which is by my school

You know.... Portland really is a great place to live, if you can't tell I LOVE MY CITY. The rain doesn't even bother me. Here we have all the seasons. Mountains about 1 hour away
and the ocean about one hour away.

The Park blocks -
my white balance was off when I took this photo
True Portland Style in the Park blocks
It is a mid-size city, who knows if this is perfectly correct or not but Wikipedia says that the Portland and surrounding areas have a population of  2,241,841
 It's big but not a ridiculous amount of people.  

And the diversity. Oh my there is great diversity. Just about every type of people. Just go on the bus system or trains and you will see the huge mix and tons of different languages. That is another thing I love about my city. Because in Mexico it was just Mexicans and a small percentage of Americans and Canadians, well some guatamalens and cubans but they kinda blend in. In touristy areas there are other people that come through but usually just on vacation.  Well, I'm not expert on Mexico but that was my experience in Puerto Vallarta and Morelia areas. 

Speaking of Transit thats another thing about Portland - Portland Streetcar Plan/System wins awards.   City of Portland wins ‘ITS America Smart City Award’ for ITS deployment

Well, I guess I could go on and on about friendly people and the community gardens, people having chickens in the city, Organic beef, 2nd most bike friendly city in the world community tool librarys,  techical libraries, and the public library and park system. But thats enough for now.

Now back to the environmental issues...:

I'm working on a documentary about Environmental Illness or Chemical Overload.   Here is the sample I did awhile ago: 

That project has sort of been put on the back burner but I still have the footage and research. I know it is "Blown Out"(industry term for too bright) but I now know how to do color correcting, which I did not know at the time.  (I'm looking for collaborators on this project)

Well if you are interested in making things more healthy for your family, especially for Halloween, check out that website. . It is sort of scary but as long as you don't get freaky fanatical and just become aware of the situation we can all start making gradual changes to live healthier lives. That is the attitude around here.

God Bless,
PuertoVallartaGirl in Portland