Sunday, October 10, 2010

Operation Zipper

This is a short story written for my Story and Ideation Class.

I was 8 years old playing with my 10 year old friend Rickey one hot summer day in 1979.  My dad came home from work with a bag of clothes for me.  Inside were jeans, shirts, and high heeled wood clogs.  Rickey and I were fascinated with one pair of jeans with rainbow colored lines that ran from the bottom of one leg up and over and back to the bottom of the other leg.  They looked like they fit me but the zipper was broken.  So Rickey and I got out some stick pins and re-attached the zipper.

 I tried the jeans on again.  As I zipped up the zipper it didn’t go on easily, so I yanked.  Suddenly,  I screamed “Aaaahhhhh” I had zipped up a piece of my belly.  ” it hurts unzip it”   Rickey tried to unzip it but my skin was stuck in the zipper and some of the pins stuck into me.

Rickey ran as fast as she could and got my father. He ran in to see the emergency and couldn’t believe his eyes. He had never seen a girl do something like that.

                He carried me to the couch,  got some tools and started the operation.   Everyone gathered around while I screamed. He told me if I wanted him to fix it I had to be quiet and hold still. First he pulled out the needles, then he cut the zipper  away from the jeans, and finally he broke the zipper and it came off. It was a long 15 minutes of surgery  and I still have a little round scar under my belly button.