Friday, October 1, 2010

No bake Cocoa Oatmeal Yummies via intellectual property ramble...

So if you've read my blog for awhile you probably already know I get a lot of ambitious ideas.

SCREENPLAY: I started a screenplay back in 2000 - which is done, just needs fine tuning. The reason I am in film school.

FROZEN DINNERS: In 2005 I had this great idea to make frozen dinners that are actually good.  I experimented with some of my favorite recipes by cooking freezing and trying it out.  But my husband and sister-in-law thought I was insane and it didn't get anywhere.

PORTABLE HOUSE QUALITY SPEAKER IDEA:  Do you know when I was about 13 I invented the idea of the portable music system. I mean they did have boom boxes already but what I came up with was very close to what people do now days.  I took a walkman with cassette spliced the headphone wires and connected it to real speakers and then we would go to the park or have a picnic with music.

MONSTERS INC.: In 2000 I created a Flash enhanced website for my friend  Jay which was named Monsters Inc. where he sold the creations that he made, frankenstein heads etc. and various other monsters.  And I've always tripped out at how similar the website I did, (which was only around for about a year) to parts of the opening title sequence for the movie that came out later by the same name. Also interesting the film went into production in 2000.  Coincidence or correlation?  We will never know, someone may have saw the website and become inspired.

MILLER COMMERCIAL: That reminds me of something ... when my Dad was alive he wrote a science fiction book and he thought would make a great movie (never got published).  He loved Miller Beer and he wrote himself as a character in a space movie that drove around his spacecraft always with a miller beer between his legs (drinking and driving its called now but for him he was just thirsty) .....SIDE-NOTE: Did you know drinking and driving was legal up until like the late 70's or early 80's...... Anyway, he wrote this book and then sent exerpts of it off to Miller, and he never heard back.  And then...about 6-8 months later Miller came out with a really sucky commercial that ressembled my dads concept except made it ridiculous. It had Rodney Dangerfield and he was his obnoxious self. My dad really thought of it as a serious idea - so it really burned.. I am certain that was a stolen idea based  off the letter he sent in. I tried to search for a clip of the commercial but came up with nothing. Just some clues about the Man Laws campaign.

PLANT WATER DEVICE: In like 2001 I had this great idea to make a thing that waters your plant for you so you don't have to water it. I wrote a prototype and sent it in to one of those invention places you used to see commercials on tv about.  I never heard anything.  It is probably just someone who thought of the same idea as me - but it is the very same concept ..... Now I didn't have all the logistics figured out like this does but I did have this concept and a prototype drawing.

LOOKIE LOOKIE COOKIE - That brings me to my cookie business I wanted to start in Mexico I had this great idea to make yummy yummy cookies, american style and sell them individually.  I tried to get a friend to work with me and start the business with me. This was the logo I came up with.

I had originally wanted to put my little guys face on it but my friend freaked me out and said that someone might see the cookies and his face and then try to kidnap him for money.  so I drew the other thing.  Well everyone who tried the cookies loved them but #1, I hate doing sales, #2, I hate doing sales even more in spanish. #3, my friend wused out on me and didn't want to do the sales either #4, my husband didn't want to do the sales. Other than that eintzy weintzy problem I could have been a cookie queen of PV. But I became sick and had to have surgery etc. etc. etc.

Anyway, all this yada yada for this recipe for these.  In reality this is an adapted brown sugar fudge recipe.

Coco Oatmeal Yummies: (This is actually a double recipe. )

3 - cups granulated sugar
2/3 - cup cocoa (un sweetened)
1 - cup milk
1 - cup butter
2/3 - cup peanut butter
8 - marshmallows (american - you could try mexican but not sure if it will be as good they are different and pink)
6 - cups Oatmeal

In saucepan mix together sugar, cocoa, milk, butter, marshmellows. Bring to a boil stir continuously. after about 2 minutes drop small drops into a glass of room temperature water.( if the water turns cloudy its not done. Keep stirring and cooking until it forms a ball when you drop it into the water. Sometimes it takes a few times to make the recipe to get it to the consistency you like. If you undercook it the fudge will be less creamy.) Once it is at the consistency you like pull off the burner. Add the peanut butter and mix until blended. Add the oatmeal and mix well. then drop onto wax paper or whatever you got and let cool. when done you have chocolate candy.

last hint. if it is grainy next time let it cook longer it should come out creamy if done right. It still tastes good grainy but not quite as good.

Lastly - beware - these are irresistible and should only be made if you are not stressing about eating too much because they may cause over eating...:)

If anyone wants to start a cookie business with this recipe go for it.  They sure need these down there. I think I saw some of these in the soriana several months after my experiment. .....