Friday, October 15, 2010

My College Classes - Fall 2010 - The Art Institute of Portland

On one hand it irritates me to have a class that de-constructs a beautiful passionate art. But on the other hand it does help me have a better understanding of what I am looking at when I am looking at a Poem.  My teacher is really hip and she has tats and is stylish, thin, and sexy. She obviously LOVES Poetry. And I am fascinated by how she pro-nounces Poem.  She will be going along in normal speech and then she says the word. PO- EMMMM.  She forms her mouth around the words differently than the others, and this word is distinct from all others that come out of her mouth, I am reminded of the movie with  Audrey Hepburn saying "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain"

I've learned that there are several styles of poems that are actually created to a specific form. I am able to really sense when a poem resonates with me or just seems like an excuse for a poem.

When it comes to college math, the college math can kiss my ass. Last term I had a Math Refresher course, and well that teacher went way up over and beyond to make the math palatable for art students. She got me through it and made it even enjoyable. It didn't hurt so much. But this class, this class actually depresses me and makes me lose motivation for all my schooling. It reminds me of how I hate math at this level.  Up to the point of graphing and solving 2 x 2 systems of linear equations. y = mx + b.  ewwww. If I could pay someone to take the test for me I would find the money, meanwhile, I have a tutor and a math class, and absolutely no motivation to do it. But I am forced to do this class to get my degree.

The only thing that gets me back on track is my Digital Video Production class on Wednesday nights. That class pumps life back into me like someone with respiratory problems and an oxygen tank. It's fun, interesting and my true passion other than writing. I want to create. I filmed a movie on Tuesday called "Crazy Street" its a silent movie that was done on the fly. It had to be a view from the window, and it had to be done in only 4-7 shots and under a minute in length. It is nothing brilliant and is lightly funny. But among everything else it was fun to do and entertaining. And one of the best in the class.  (I must note we only have 11 people in the class) Ha ha ha. I'll post it once I get my hands on it.

I enjoy this class but I have the math class afterwards so it really ruins it for me. I'll talk more about that later.