Thursday, October 21, 2010

Making your children pay for what they waste? and video DOUBLE TROUBLE

I can't say every day but nearly everyday my daughter has some type of screaming tantrum before school. Usually because I try to enforce something.  She is nearly 8, very strong willed, and beautiful.  Oh did I say, smart? For all you parents out there let me know if you experience this?   Each day I get in the shower I am suspicious to find if my daughter has poured out the shampoo, body wash, squished up the hand soap, or poured out the conditioner. 

Here is a VIDEO FROM MY CELLPHONE of me and the kids at Dr. appt. I was trying to entertain them (or should I say have them entertain me ?)
Last night there was a completely full bottle of shampoo. This isn't good because the day before it was an empty bottle. So then I look to the body wash and hmmmmm its nearly gone. Well, well, well, what might have happened. I squirt out the Large full shampoo bottle and sure enough it is water, cold and bubbly.

In that moment, which was, 11pm last night I decided June was going to pay me one of her famous dollar bills she is planning to spend at the dollar tree. One she got from the tooth fairy, and the other she got from the floor at the dollar tree.  She has been dying and planning what she will buy with these two dollars. But for me, I am so tired, I mean SERIOUSLY over it......with June pouring out the shampoo, dish-soap, or squishing up the hand soap to make bubbles, even taking the liquid hand-soap at the bathroom sink and trying to make bubbles out of it. She doesn't seem to understand "Stop doing THAT it is literally putting money down the drain..."

So I told her this morning, "I know what your did", blah blah blah, it costs, money, blah blah blah, and "You are paying that money back!" blah blah,

Argue, tantrum from her, scream, "NO, I'm Never giving you my dollar!" cry, etc, etc. And then I told her I will never give her any money for anything until she pays back the $1 for the soap she poured down the drain! Then I explained (again) everything costs money, when she wastes her waffle-it costs money, when she pours out shampoo-it costs money, the lights, the hole in the wall from when she threw the chair, cash-o-la! DINERO! 

She told me when she breaks her own toys it doesn't cost money. I said "Oh yes it does, who buys those toys". the lights, tv, internet, dishwasher, water, this apartment ALL COST MONEY! And this time, THIS TIME, she was going to pay for that soap. She SWORE she would NEVER pay for it. Keep in mind this is all at 8:30am in the morning when we are getting ready for both children to go to school.

Then the big blow: is this wrong?  Jimi my 4 year old who doesn't break stuff (like 2% of what June does) says "Mommy, can I have a dollar" and I told him very openly he could have a dollar and that I will never give June a dollar until she pays that dollar back!

June cried very hard. She wanted a dollar too. And then I got a little confused in my mind, I really wanted to give her a dollar too. but then I realized I was totally evading the whole issue. (I'm such a sucker) and I said, "NO I will never give you a dollar until you pay back the dollar for the soap".  It was the principle of it. RIGHT? 

And finally about 5 minutes later she brought me her dollar I  tacked it up to the billboard,and I hugged her and I said we will talk to daddy and ask him what he thinks.  But now she can earn money for chores again. She still cried for a little bit but after a few minutes everything was fine and... off to school.  

So ..... opinions?