Thursday, October 21, 2010

Go Harvey! Story Ideation

I realize this turtle is not green,
but its the only turtle picture I had on hand
The other day, in my Story and Ideation class, I rewrote the story of one day at the beach. We did an instant Zene and then they distributed it, during class time. In my opinion it was BOTH GOOD AND BAD. The zene is a little booklet that has everyones writing in it.

The good part was - we all got to learn how easy it is to throw together a zene, the bad part, I couldn't read most people's handwriting, so I didn't really get their stories.

Ok, here is the updated Go Harvey story - a different version of the same story is on here somewhere. The only parameters for the "flash memoir" was that it have a piece of clothing in it and be a true story.

GO Harvey!

Eyes stung, sand lumpy, tired of sitting, I blinked quickly trying to focus on the people walking towards us on the beach. By the position of the water hitting my toes, and the sun hitting the horizon.... about an hour had passed.

Jimi Sat with me trying to trap bugs, "Mama, where is Daddy and June?"

Shaking my head in wonder, and looking up the beach, every red spot in the distaqnce seemed like it had possiblity, yet as they approched we were met with disappointment yet again. Nope thats not Daddy, and thats not June.

Salsa Music wafts in from the resort behind us. Happy tourists run out to the salty water only to return to the clorinated pools minutes later.

Next to my right thigh sits a stack of smooth edged ocean glass in blue, green, and yellow, optimistic to become part of my tile mosaic on the wall of the patio.

"I'm hungry mama"

"I know sweetie," I say.

Finally a red hat comes closer with a blue bathing suit on the short person next to him.

Jimi and I were tired, hungry and irritable, and MAD because they stop 1000 feet before they get to us. There they are staring at a fenced box of sand! I wave and motion angrily. They keep staring at the box of sand.

Jimi takes off running and soon all three of them stare at the sand. Red hat and two cutie pies.

I pick up my rocks and storm over. A man is babbling on and on in spanish.

Enrique - my husband, asks me if I want to hold a baby turtle.

"NO!" I snap.

The babbler comes out towards the water and everyone watches and follows as he and another person bring out 2 large plastic bins.

I peak inside the bin, and squeal in delight as I see hundreds of tiny, shiny, green turtles crawling over each other.

"I want one!", I demand.

Enrique laughs, "I thought you were mad?"

I smile sheeplishly.

We each grab a baby turle to release into the ocean. I name mine Harvey, after my grandfather.

On command each of us release the baby Sea Turtles. They all battle feebly to get to the water. Soon they all make it to the rough ocean except Harvey. He gets flipped over by a wave. I walk over and flip him back and finally he makes it.

As we look out into the water, and the sun is setting, there are hundreds of tiny black dots on the surface of the water.

"I hope they make it!" I say.

My husband smiles and hugs me, "Yo tambien, amor."

We turn and walk back toward our home. Red hat disappearing on the horizon.