Thursday, October 28, 2010

Karma and the myspace fight -

Sitting here with my messy desk, clearing it away, I find some dollar store fake rotten teeth, I had planned to use for the chase scene I filmed last Saturday. I find some tape from my art class 3 quarters ago. And I think about how I kept my cool yesterday when I was verbally assaulted from my neighbors, who with paranoid flair assume the reason their plant has no leaves is because my children are pulling the leaves off. It is clearly an indoor or tropical plant, the leaves are falling off from the cold biotch.

They nearly got violent on me and even called my 4 year old nephew "little fucker". Somehow, I was zen in that moment. What kind of people act like that in front of small children? I was even able to stay calm when a few hours later the lady flipped out again. I've found out that one of the very biggest crimes that a neighbor can commit is to spill a few drops of coffee on the stairs one-time. I swear these people are zipped up way too tight. And need a respite at a nice safe padded wall facility.

Working through all this over and over in my mind, trying to figure out why karma has thown that rock through my proverbial window, has gotten me finding a far fetched explanation. Maybe I yell at my kids too much? Or when I removed my ex-sister in law, and girlfriend of my brother-in-law from my myspace account last week, those actions hurt them so badly that karma went spiraling out of control looking for a perfect opportunity to teach me that my actions ramifications are much stronger than originally thought.

I hope I have not hurt anyone in the sheer idea of not wanting to see all that chisme, bullshit posted on my friendly family myspace. He said, she said, who’s sleeping with who crap that I really don’t have time for.
In analyzying everything I thought maybe there was a way to see through their anger. Or perhaps it is just the final straw of the universe saying its time to move. There’s no parking anyway.

Ok so now maybe that I’ve written this I can go back to my stupid assignment from poetry class and focus, because it is so unworldly important to write about reading about writing poetry. Seriously,  I believe that is bullshit. I really can’t stand looking at an artists work and reinterpreting it for what you think they meant. Either they tell you or not. And maybe you can say what it made you feel, but trying to figure out what they meant is just about the same kind of speculation required for watching your family in a myspace fight.

Ok so if you made it through that, it becomes painfully obvious my happy go lucky optimism has taken a turn sideways.  I guess I'll pray on that.  All this negativity is seeping into my cerebral oatmeal.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Ok I'm sorry this is so random. But it is irrestisible

I started that new webshow about dogs. and I came across this:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dog lovers Now there is a Webshow for you!

Hi Dog lovers, I've just put the first episode of my (all female crew) new dog webshow "Vegas Takes Oregon"  on Youtube. It also has its own blog.

If you have friends that are interested in dogs and dog products please forward them here. Thanks for your help!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chemistry - a poem

By:   Heather Dominguez

Spewing compliments running sideways
Etching words inside my wit
Strong singular sounding seduction
Wicked in their flirty dirt

Rubber sole kisses my leather boot
Stormy thinking peaceful rise
Timing terrible twisting twenty
Trickle trickle naughty vibe

Dreams clouded sensing strange familiar
feign unaware feign control
Induce insistent invitation
Left to vibrate on my soul

Swaying near lucid thoughts combine me
landing smoothly recognized
fine fronted falsely footed
letting go what’s fantasized

Go Harvey! Story Ideation

I realize this turtle is not green,
but its the only turtle picture I had on hand
The other day, in my Story and Ideation class, I rewrote the story of one day at the beach. We did an instant Zene and then they distributed it, during class time. In my opinion it was BOTH GOOD AND BAD. The zene is a little booklet that has everyones writing in it.

The good part was - we all got to learn how easy it is to throw together a zene, the bad part, I couldn't read most people's handwriting, so I didn't really get their stories.

Ok, here is the updated Go Harvey story - a different version of the same story is on here somewhere. The only parameters for the "flash memoir" was that it have a piece of clothing in it and be a true story.

GO Harvey!

Eyes stung, sand lumpy, tired of sitting, I blinked quickly trying to focus on the people walking towards us on the beach. By the position of the water hitting my toes, and the sun hitting the horizon.... about an hour had passed.

Jimi Sat with me trying to trap bugs, "Mama, where is Daddy and June?"

Shaking my head in wonder, and looking up the beach, every red spot in the distaqnce seemed like it had possiblity, yet as they approched we were met with disappointment yet again. Nope thats not Daddy, and thats not June.

Salsa Music wafts in from the resort behind us. Happy tourists run out to the salty water only to return to the clorinated pools minutes later.

Next to my right thigh sits a stack of smooth edged ocean glass in blue, green, and yellow, optimistic to become part of my tile mosaic on the wall of the patio.

"I'm hungry mama"

"I know sweetie," I say.

Finally a red hat comes closer with a blue bathing suit on the short person next to him.

Jimi and I were tired, hungry and irritable, and MAD because they stop 1000 feet before they get to us. There they are staring at a fenced box of sand! I wave and motion angrily. They keep staring at the box of sand.

Jimi takes off running and soon all three of them stare at the sand. Red hat and two cutie pies.

I pick up my rocks and storm over. A man is babbling on and on in spanish.

Enrique - my husband, asks me if I want to hold a baby turtle.

"NO!" I snap.

The babbler comes out towards the water and everyone watches and follows as he and another person bring out 2 large plastic bins.

I peak inside the bin, and squeal in delight as I see hundreds of tiny, shiny, green turtles crawling over each other.

"I want one!", I demand.

Enrique laughs, "I thought you were mad?"

I smile sheeplishly.

We each grab a baby turle to release into the ocean. I name mine Harvey, after my grandfather.

On command each of us release the baby Sea Turtles. They all battle feebly to get to the water. Soon they all make it to the rough ocean except Harvey. He gets flipped over by a wave. I walk over and flip him back and finally he makes it.

As we look out into the water, and the sun is setting, there are hundreds of tiny black dots on the surface of the water.

"I hope they make it!" I say.

My husband smiles and hugs me, "Yo tambien, amor."

We turn and walk back toward our home. Red hat disappearing on the horizon.

Making your children pay for what they waste? and video DOUBLE TROUBLE

I can't say every day but nearly everyday my daughter has some type of screaming tantrum before school. Usually because I try to enforce something.  She is nearly 8, very strong willed, and beautiful.  Oh did I say, smart? For all you parents out there let me know if you experience this?   Each day I get in the shower I am suspicious to find if my daughter has poured out the shampoo, body wash, squished up the hand soap, or poured out the conditioner. 

Here is a VIDEO FROM MY CELLPHONE of me and the kids at Dr. appt. I was trying to entertain them (or should I say have them entertain me ?)
Last night there was a completely full bottle of shampoo. This isn't good because the day before it was an empty bottle. So then I look to the body wash and hmmmmm its nearly gone. Well, well, well, what might have happened. I squirt out the Large full shampoo bottle and sure enough it is water, cold and bubbly.

In that moment, which was, 11pm last night I decided June was going to pay me one of her famous dollar bills she is planning to spend at the dollar tree. One she got from the tooth fairy, and the other she got from the floor at the dollar tree.  She has been dying and planning what she will buy with these two dollars. But for me, I am so tired, I mean SERIOUSLY over it......with June pouring out the shampoo, dish-soap, or squishing up the hand soap to make bubbles, even taking the liquid hand-soap at the bathroom sink and trying to make bubbles out of it. She doesn't seem to understand "Stop doing THAT it is literally putting money down the drain..."

So I told her this morning, "I know what your did", blah blah blah, it costs, money, blah blah blah, and "You are paying that money back!" blah blah,

Argue, tantrum from her, scream, "NO, I'm Never giving you my dollar!" cry, etc, etc. And then I told her I will never give her any money for anything until she pays back the $1 for the soap she poured down the drain! Then I explained (again) everything costs money, when she wastes her waffle-it costs money, when she pours out shampoo-it costs money, the lights, the hole in the wall from when she threw the chair, cash-o-la! DINERO! 

She told me when she breaks her own toys it doesn't cost money. I said "Oh yes it does, who buys those toys". the lights, tv, internet, dishwasher, water, this apartment ALL COST MONEY! And this time, THIS TIME, she was going to pay for that soap. She SWORE she would NEVER pay for it. Keep in mind this is all at 8:30am in the morning when we are getting ready for both children to go to school.

Then the big blow: is this wrong?  Jimi my 4 year old who doesn't break stuff (like 2% of what June does) says "Mommy, can I have a dollar" and I told him very openly he could have a dollar and that I will never give June a dollar until she pays that dollar back!

June cried very hard. She wanted a dollar too. And then I got a little confused in my mind, I really wanted to give her a dollar too. but then I realized I was totally evading the whole issue. (I'm such a sucker) and I said, "NO I will never give you a dollar until you pay back the dollar for the soap".  It was the principle of it. RIGHT? 

And finally about 5 minutes later she brought me her dollar I  tacked it up to the billboard,and I hugged her and I said we will talk to daddy and ask him what he thinks.  But now she can earn money for chores again. She still cried for a little bit but after a few minutes everything was fine and... off to school.  

So ..... opinions? 

Something to think about from Mary Mannin Morressey

Good Morning:

Some of you may know I get a daily inspirational email from Mary Mannin Morressey. Often I get so busy that I don't have time to read it. I get a few hundred emails everyday, 1/2 of which go directly to spam where I scan them to see if I actually want to read any of that. The rest I carefully go through at some point.  My Inspirational messages were stacking up un-read so I moved them into the "Spiritual" folder waiting for a day when I can read them.

But today my inbox was small and clean and so I took the time to read it. I find Mary's message today very thought provoking..  First off let me say, if you are interested in Mary Mannin Morressey check out her website: I've always been a big fan of Mary.   The reason I am such a big fan of her is because when she was at the Living Enrichment center she would do these spoken word series, often taken from services at the church. All they would really boil down to were stories of why kindness is the best way to go, and love is the most important thing. She would have you laughing and crying in 20 minutes and you would feel like you wanted to help make the world a better place. I think I might post some of the audio on my account with a slideshow, because I can't find them anymore....

Well, here is the email from today and for me it really is thought provoking:

October 21, 2010
 Hi PuertoVallarta Girl,
 Evolutionary biology is showing that it is always the highly cooperative species, not the highly competitive, that survive dramatic shifts. 
 Instead of believing that there’s only limited good, understand that there is an opulence of good.  We actually contribute to the good when we are in harmony with it and demonstrate it.
 When we lift our consciousness, there is a raising of the consciousness of the whole world.  Be in harmony with your good.
 Harmonize And Enjoy,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gold Garden Restaurant - Portland Oregon - 122nd & Market

My sister-in-law and I just went to a Chinese restaurant. We were starving and decided to order to go and then go pick up our little guys from the bus - oh my god I am so nauseated.  We both had orange chicken and I swear to god that was not chicken. IT just wasn't chicken. It was either pork or something else. It was the texture of pork but softer.... I started thinking it was cat...?  god I am so nauseated. There was also crab shells in the fried rice. My stomach is turning.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Immigration cases being dismissed - in Houston

Check out this article from the houston chronical -

According to this article - the immigration courts in Houston are dismissing cases that have people who have been sponsored by an American Citizen and have not committed any serious crimes.

This sounds encouraging - for waiver reform.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Brazillian But Augmentation

You know I still get people referred over to my blog because of the time I saw Butt augmentation inserts amoung the sky magazine marvels - well I have also seen this on some plastic surgery show, you can actually get Plastic surgery to augment your behind....

check this out:

This is probably only interestesting to the flat assed people like myself, but I must say now that I go up and down 3 flights of stairs at school and at home - EVERY DAY!    My behind is not as flat as it once was.

On that last one I think I'd like the buttock fat transfer. That would be just great for me.

My College Classes - Fall 2010 - The Art Institute of Portland

On one hand it irritates me to have a class that de-constructs a beautiful passionate art. But on the other hand it does help me have a better understanding of what I am looking at when I am looking at a Poem.  My teacher is really hip and she has tats and is stylish, thin, and sexy. She obviously LOVES Poetry. And I am fascinated by how she pro-nounces Poem.  She will be going along in normal speech and then she says the word. PO- EMMMM.  She forms her mouth around the words differently than the others, and this word is distinct from all others that come out of her mouth, I am reminded of the movie with  Audrey Hepburn saying "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain"

I've learned that there are several styles of poems that are actually created to a specific form. I am able to really sense when a poem resonates with me or just seems like an excuse for a poem.

When it comes to college math, the college math can kiss my ass. Last term I had a Math Refresher course, and well that teacher went way up over and beyond to make the math palatable for art students. She got me through it and made it even enjoyable. It didn't hurt so much. But this class, this class actually depresses me and makes me lose motivation for all my schooling. It reminds me of how I hate math at this level.  Up to the point of graphing and solving 2 x 2 systems of linear equations. y = mx + b.  ewwww. If I could pay someone to take the test for me I would find the money, meanwhile, I have a tutor and a math class, and absolutely no motivation to do it. But I am forced to do this class to get my degree.

The only thing that gets me back on track is my Digital Video Production class on Wednesday nights. That class pumps life back into me like someone with respiratory problems and an oxygen tank. It's fun, interesting and my true passion other than writing. I want to create. I filmed a movie on Tuesday called "Crazy Street" its a silent movie that was done on the fly. It had to be a view from the window, and it had to be done in only 4-7 shots and under a minute in length. It is nothing brilliant and is lightly funny. But among everything else it was fun to do and entertaining. And one of the best in the class.  (I must note we only have 11 people in the class) Ha ha ha. I'll post it once I get my hands on it.

I enjoy this class but I have the math class afterwards so it really ruins it for me. I'll talk more about that later.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So I was visiting with my sister-in-law today. She is originally born in Mexico but has lived here since 1999.  She is a giving person with a very likable and giving nature. She is a fabulous cook that puts love into everything she cooks. Because she only has a highschool equivalent from Mexico she is only able to get jobs that are labor based. She has a heart of gold, loves her family fiercely. She helps almost anyone if they ask for her help. She devotes each Sunday to going to church and spending time with her family. She has traditional ideas about family time and everyone always gathers at her house. She doesn't want random people to join these gatherings because to her the time is sacred. She usually puts everyone first before her own needs. She is heavy but has an endless stamina I don't know where she gets it from. She worries way too much about everyone doing well, or their health. And she does this equally for everyone in her life. She is kind and loving. She has spark and fire. She will call out certain situations or people -  though she holds her tongue if she thinks her words are damaging. In her time here in the US she has become more American in the way that she has learned how to drive, how to find help for herself and her family when they need help.  Or legal rights.  Everywhere she works, she makes herself indispensable.

She is a wonderful person to have in my family and I am honored.

So I was at her house this morning watching her make me lunch. I gave up fighting her on her working too hard about 10years ago when she was 8 months pregnant and insisted on doing all the work, at a family picnic. I tried to fight her and everyone told me just let her do it, she WANTS to. And, after living in Mexico and knowing her mother it is just the way they both are(her and her mother). They show love to people through the food they cook. To them when they cook it isn't just cooking.

This morning she was talking about how, due to unfortunate circumstances, she is not able to drive anymore.  The point of this story is that she was scared to take public transportation late at night.  She told me that last week she took the train, it was about 11pm at night and she had to walk  8 blocks on a busy road from the train to her house.   Some drunk people in a car turned quickly past her, almost hitting her and she shrieked in surprise. They all laughed really loud and yelled "fucking beaner".  She didn't even really care about the racial slur what she was concerned about was they could have hit her with the car.

I almost cried, I did get tears in my eyes,  because it is just so mean, and she so giving.

If you like please pray for her Abundance,  she is Patty in Portland, Oregon

Thank you, Puerto Vallarta Girl

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Operation Zipper

This is a short story written for my Story and Ideation Class.

I was 8 years old playing with my 10 year old friend Rickey one hot summer day in 1979.  My dad came home from work with a bag of clothes for me.  Inside were jeans, shirts, and high heeled wood clogs.  Rickey and I were fascinated with one pair of jeans with rainbow colored lines that ran from the bottom of one leg up and over and back to the bottom of the other leg.  They looked like they fit me but the zipper was broken.  So Rickey and I got out some stick pins and re-attached the zipper.

 I tried the jeans on again.  As I zipped up the zipper it didn’t go on easily, so I yanked.  Suddenly,  I screamed “Aaaahhhhh” I had zipped up a piece of my belly.  ” it hurts unzip it”   Rickey tried to unzip it but my skin was stuck in the zipper and some of the pins stuck into me.

Rickey ran as fast as she could and got my father. He ran in to see the emergency and couldn’t believe his eyes. He had never seen a girl do something like that.

                He carried me to the couch,  got some tools and started the operation.   Everyone gathered around while I screamed. He told me if I wanted him to fix it I had to be quiet and hold still. First he pulled out the needles, then he cut the zipper  away from the jeans, and finally he broke the zipper and it came off. It was a long 15 minutes of surgery  and I still have a little round scar under my belly button. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Word of the day: Butt Crackers

Junie and I in 2004 at our 1937 House in Portland OR
When Junie Pelunie - my little girl was about 2 years old one day instead of saying Butt Crack She says Butt Crackers.  And it stuck.  Its much sillier and fun than saying pull up your pants your behind is showing.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Possible good news about the legal system for Mixed Status families???

I just read this and I don't know what it means ultimately but it sounds like people are finally fighting for our rights. That better judgement needs to be used in the determination of immigration cases especially when one person in the picture is a US Citizen. Check this out and tell me what you think?

re-printed from an email update from the following website:

For Immediate Release

Legal Action Center Argues for Greater Federal Court Oversight of
Immigration Decisions

October 7, 2010

Washington D.C. - In a continuing effort to promote greater federal court oversight of immigration decision-making, the American Immigration Council's Legal Action Center (LAC) recently submitted amicus (friend of the court) briefs in two cases involving motions to reopen. For noncitizens facing removal from the United States, a motion to reopen (an opportunity to present new evidence in a case) may be the last and only way to pursue their claims for lawful residency in the United States. Failure to grant such a motion might prevent anyone - from an asylum seeker to a U.S. citizen's family member - from presenting new evidence that could prevent deportation. Yet, although the federal courts are the last chance for redress, they frequently refuse to hear claims that immigration courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals abuse their discretion when they deny motions to reopen.

The LAC argument is based on the U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision in Kucana v. Holder that the Board of Immigration Appeals cannot shield its decisions from judicial review by labeling these decisions "discretionary." Only Congress can limit court review of motions to reopen, and it has not done so.

Given the gravity of removal from the United States, the high volume of immigration court cases, and the reality that most noncitizens do not have lawyers (only 39% of noncitizens were represented in immigration court in 2009), federal court oversight is critical to ensure due process. For an immigration system that is widely understood to be plagued with errors, judicial checks and balances are especially critical.

The LAC's work on these cases builds on their successes in other oversight cases. Last month, for example, the LAC convinced the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to withdraw a precedent-setting decision that would have prevented federal courts from hearing cases challenging government delays in adjudicating immigration applications.

For more information contact Wendy Sefsaf at 202-507-7524 or

The Legal Action Center strives to increase the accountability of government agencies that administer the immigration laws and to ensure these laws are interpreted and implemented in a way that honors fundamental constitutional and human rights. The LAC engages in impact litigation, appears as amicus curiae (friend of the court) before administrative tribunals and federal courts in significant immigration cases on targeted legal issues, and has long worked to protect the right to counsel for noncitizens facing removal from the United States.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Portland a great place to raise a family, and some Environmental Tips for Halloween

Low quality picture of Downtown
Portland Taken from I-5 going South
So I get this really great email update
from The Environmental
Working Group  Today I got an email with  tips for a Green Halloween It is a little freaky reading this but I believe we all need to become aware of all the chemicals that are around us.

Portland, Oregon is all about living a healthier life. I heard on the news last night that Portland is #6 on the list at Parenting magazine of the best cities to raise a family. I am not surprised at all. I hear that a lot. I went to a Talk several months ago which had some film industry people who had worked for Dreamworks and Disney and other Hollywood companies. This group of 3-5 people moved up here to Portland because they got to that point in their lives when they wanted to raise their family and they wanted to do it somewhere with the best intentions for their children. Portland is a rising star in the TV and Film Industry and it has become a natural choice for alot of people.
This is The Armory which is by my school

You know.... Portland really is a great place to live, if you can't tell I LOVE MY CITY. The rain doesn't even bother me. Here we have all the seasons. Mountains about 1 hour away
and the ocean about one hour away.

The Park blocks -
my white balance was off when I took this photo
True Portland Style in the Park blocks
It is a mid-size city, who knows if this is perfectly correct or not but Wikipedia says that the Portland and surrounding areas have a population of  2,241,841
 It's big but not a ridiculous amount of people.  

And the diversity. Oh my there is great diversity. Just about every type of people. Just go on the bus system or trains and you will see the huge mix and tons of different languages. That is another thing I love about my city. Because in Mexico it was just Mexicans and a small percentage of Americans and Canadians, well some guatamalens and cubans but they kinda blend in. In touristy areas there are other people that come through but usually just on vacation.  Well, I'm not expert on Mexico but that was my experience in Puerto Vallarta and Morelia areas. 

Speaking of Transit thats another thing about Portland - Portland Streetcar Plan/System wins awards.   City of Portland wins ‘ITS America Smart City Award’ for ITS deployment

Well, I guess I could go on and on about friendly people and the community gardens, people having chickens in the city, Organic beef, 2nd most bike friendly city in the world community tool librarys,  techical libraries, and the public library and park system. But thats enough for now.

Now back to the environmental issues...:

I'm working on a documentary about Environmental Illness or Chemical Overload.   Here is the sample I did awhile ago: 

That project has sort of been put on the back burner but I still have the footage and research. I know it is "Blown Out"(industry term for too bright) but I now know how to do color correcting, which I did not know at the time.  (I'm looking for collaborators on this project)

Well if you are interested in making things more healthy for your family, especially for Halloween, check out that website. . It is sort of scary but as long as you don't get freaky fanatical and just become aware of the situation we can all start making gradual changes to live healthier lives. That is the attitude around here.

God Bless,
PuertoVallartaGirl in Portland

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Talking about dressing up fun!

Last post I showed you some pictures of my mom dressing up.  Well you know I had 1/2 of my thyroid removed about 3 weeks ago so now I am a scarf wearing girl. 

Funny surgery can make me more fashionable. The scar is healing fine its just still noticeable and I want it to flatten out more. 

Hey this can be my Director look? What do you think do I look directorish?

Interesting study of Love, personal control, and mental Health

BACK STORY: Ok, so this isn't a real study its an observation I have made about my mother. (New readers:  My mother has a severe mental illness that is similiar to schizophrenia Its called bi-polar schizoid affective. I grew up without a traditional mother..... due to her heavy sleeping 16 hours a day and hospitalizations)

Here is a photo of my mother in 2006. At the time I came to see her about every 2 weeks - she actually lived in a studio apartment.  And she also had some control of her own life and was virbrant. I came to visit her once every month.  This is shortly after my little guy was born. She was delusional but generally in good health.

Abtout 10 months later I moved to Mexico and only saw her once a year when I came back to visit Oregon.

When I came to visit her the 2nd time I cried. She had lost a ton of weight and could only cry about delusional terror she experienced.  I'm sure there was some truth behind it, I couldn't imagine being institutionalized.  But she had reached a point where she was a danger to herself so had to be hospitalized. I had trusted my brother to visit her and care for her while I was away but he was busy with his family at the time and didn't do it.  That day in the hospital I was so very sad because she had really aged 20 years in 2 years. How is that possible?

 I lived in Mexico exactly 2 years and then 2 more months that summer. So at first when I moved back to the states I didn't see her very much.   And she was hospitalized and not allowed to go out.  Once summer was over I started college and simultaneiously became my mothers guardian. This was exactly 1 year ago.

For some insane reason, 2 days after I was officially her guardian the system immediatly moved her 2 hours away and out of the local mental health system.  So sad to say, even though I was here in the US and in our city, she was not here and I was only able to drive down to visit her 2 times in 6 months.   I made a bunch of phone calls about getting her moved back up here and I complained that it was unfair they made me the guardian and then moved her to Eugene.  But, I was told that there was nothing I could do ladee da da da.

Well, hmmm its funny how fast they don't want her down in Euguene, when she wasn't easy money.  4 months into it  she deteriorated  to violence and had to be hospitalized.  That was extremely unlike her, she had never ever been violent in all the years I have known her.

And coincidently, suddenly a place in Portland became available.  She is still in the same place now. Which I like by the way.  She came into this new facility giving all the staff the impression that she was a totally different person she is, she even hit a male nurse one time.  Then she started to have severe demensia and it was recognized that she was having neurological problems.

After several tests it was determined that she had  a Hematoma, or  collection of liquid (blood) in her brain.  I know its freaky, but bear with me. Here she is a week after her surgery.

When I was in Mexico I prayed that she would get better. I prayed so much. After the surgery I prayed that she would recover, better than normal that maybe this hematoma could be a miracle. The Dr. told me if that happened that WOULD be a miracle and was 99% unlikely. But as you know....  I believe in miracles.

Ok to the observation. I've been going to visit her nearly every week, she has developed some interesting delusions about where she lives (this behavior is her baseline). She believes there is some kind of issue with the lights where they are trying to control her brain so she keeps her head covered at all times.  The purple here is a visit about a month ago. Thank god she agreed to take off that purple thing when we went out.  She really is quite entertaining though with her outfits always so colorful and sometimes embarrassing but I've gotten used to it.

Ok so here is the interesting part.  There was a huge issue with her money.  To sum it all up, her payments got all tied up and wouldn't be released and I had to fight to get it back. By the time I got it back she had to spend a sum of money in 1 week (last week) or it would lower her monthly payments. Soooo we went out and bought her all sorts of things she wanted. New mattresses,memory foam pillow, TV, a small recliner, bedding, clothing, anti aging moisturizer, cosmetics AND took her out to eat a bunch of times.

 This was a few days after that at the IHOP  with my eldest son the 2 littles ones are there too.  My eldest son said she seemed normal. In reality she is still delusional  but she is thinking much clearer, and so much happier.  I saw her 5 times last week and its amazing. How amazing it is that with all that shopping and choosing what she wanted, and where she wanted to go (with not much resistance from me) And all that loving attention that she is bouncing back.  

ISN'T IT AMAZING WHAT LOVE CAN DO!  Money doesn't hurt either :)

Thank you god for answering my prayers. I am very happy she is doing better. 

PS  - Immigration people it was MY Mexican husband who taught me how to deal with my mom. He taught me to just go with what ever delusions she has and things go smoother, and taught me to not be embarrassed about it.  That has helped me so much. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

No bake Cocoa Oatmeal Yummies via intellectual property ramble...

So if you've read my blog for awhile you probably already know I get a lot of ambitious ideas.

SCREENPLAY: I started a screenplay back in 2000 - which is done, just needs fine tuning. The reason I am in film school.

FROZEN DINNERS: In 2005 I had this great idea to make frozen dinners that are actually good.  I experimented with some of my favorite recipes by cooking freezing and trying it out.  But my husband and sister-in-law thought I was insane and it didn't get anywhere.

PORTABLE HOUSE QUALITY SPEAKER IDEA:  Do you know when I was about 13 I invented the idea of the portable music system. I mean they did have boom boxes already but what I came up with was very close to what people do now days.  I took a walkman with cassette spliced the headphone wires and connected it to real speakers and then we would go to the park or have a picnic with music.

MONSTERS INC.: In 2000 I created a Flash enhanced website for my friend  Jay which was named Monsters Inc. where he sold the creations that he made, frankenstein heads etc. and various other monsters.  And I've always tripped out at how similar the website I did, (which was only around for about a year) to parts of the opening title sequence for the movie that came out later by the same name. Also interesting the film went into production in 2000.  Coincidence or correlation?  We will never know, someone may have saw the website and become inspired.

MILLER COMMERCIAL: That reminds me of something ... when my Dad was alive he wrote a science fiction book and he thought would make a great movie (never got published).  He loved Miller Beer and he wrote himself as a character in a space movie that drove around his spacecraft always with a miller beer between his legs (drinking and driving its called now but for him he was just thirsty) .....SIDE-NOTE: Did you know drinking and driving was legal up until like the late 70's or early 80's...... Anyway, he wrote this book and then sent exerpts of it off to Miller, and he never heard back.  And then...about 6-8 months later Miller came out with a really sucky commercial that ressembled my dads concept except made it ridiculous. It had Rodney Dangerfield and he was his obnoxious self. My dad really thought of it as a serious idea - so it really burned.. I am certain that was a stolen idea based  off the letter he sent in. I tried to search for a clip of the commercial but came up with nothing. Just some clues about the Man Laws campaign.

PLANT WATER DEVICE: In like 2001 I had this great idea to make a thing that waters your plant for you so you don't have to water it. I wrote a prototype and sent it in to one of those invention places you used to see commercials on tv about.  I never heard anything.  It is probably just someone who thought of the same idea as me - but it is the very same concept ..... Now I didn't have all the logistics figured out like this does but I did have this concept and a prototype drawing.

LOOKIE LOOKIE COOKIE - That brings me to my cookie business I wanted to start in Mexico I had this great idea to make yummy yummy cookies, american style and sell them individually.  I tried to get a friend to work with me and start the business with me. This was the logo I came up with.

I had originally wanted to put my little guys face on it but my friend freaked me out and said that someone might see the cookies and his face and then try to kidnap him for money.  so I drew the other thing.  Well everyone who tried the cookies loved them but #1, I hate doing sales, #2, I hate doing sales even more in spanish. #3, my friend wused out on me and didn't want to do the sales either #4, my husband didn't want to do the sales. Other than that eintzy weintzy problem I could have been a cookie queen of PV. But I became sick and had to have surgery etc. etc. etc.

Anyway, all this yada yada for this recipe for these.  In reality this is an adapted brown sugar fudge recipe.

Coco Oatmeal Yummies: (This is actually a double recipe. )

3 - cups granulated sugar
2/3 - cup cocoa (un sweetened)
1 - cup milk
1 - cup butter
2/3 - cup peanut butter
8 - marshmallows (american - you could try mexican but not sure if it will be as good they are different and pink)
6 - cups Oatmeal

In saucepan mix together sugar, cocoa, milk, butter, marshmellows. Bring to a boil stir continuously. after about 2 minutes drop small drops into a glass of room temperature water.( if the water turns cloudy its not done. Keep stirring and cooking until it forms a ball when you drop it into the water. Sometimes it takes a few times to make the recipe to get it to the consistency you like. If you undercook it the fudge will be less creamy.) Once it is at the consistency you like pull off the burner. Add the peanut butter and mix until blended. Add the oatmeal and mix well. then drop onto wax paper or whatever you got and let cool. when done you have chocolate candy.

last hint. if it is grainy next time let it cook longer it should come out creamy if done right. It still tastes good grainy but not quite as good.

Lastly - beware - these are irresistible and should only be made if you are not stressing about eating too much because they may cause over eating...:)

If anyone wants to start a cookie business with this recipe go for it.  They sure need these down there. I think I saw some of these in the soriana several months after my experiment. .....