Friday, September 17, 2010

"Where's God" my 5 year old asked me

So, in the spirit of telling cute stories I will go on to tell one of my favorites.

Back in 1997  on a random Sunday, I decided to go to the church accros from my apartment. I had a friend with me and we decided to go on over there on a whim. I brought my son, who as 5 at the time, we went in there and I had told him that he must be very quiet.   The service had just started and Teal says, " Mommy", and I turned to him and held my first finger over my mouth to say, shhhh.

He said, "mommy"  a little louder.

I said, "What honey?"

He said "Where's God?"

I smiled and looked at my friend and my friend pointed to the sky.

Then Teal said, "Mommy"

I said, "Shhh.

He said, "Mommy, why is god in the attic?"

We laughed so hard. it was so cute.