Friday, September 3, 2010

Rolling into finals and surgery - law of attaction, positivity and your health

10 PERCENT CHANCE of cancer is alot more than none.   I have to get my 1/2 of my thyroid removed. I'll have 3 weeks off from classes and I'm starting out my break with a anesthesia. Which is going to be a hell of alot better than the test that got me there. so don't read on if you don't like needles....

So Yes needles come into play here. about 1 month ago I had to go in for the initial biopsy. You see when you have a tumor on your thyroid (which is very common I guess) the way to check to see if it might be cancerous is to actually numb up your neck like how the dentist does and then stick a long needle into the middle of your neck and then in to the middle of the tumor and actually pull cells from the tumor through the needle. 

Sound awful?  when I was done getting 3 biopsies form 3 tumors I felt like I had been raped and I really wondered.."how could I came actually do this voluntarily?" The experiences was disgusting.  I have a friend that had the surgery and she said the surgery part is much easier because they give you good drugs. That I am ok with. 

And you may know that I had a stroke in May and that they found out I've had 5 (I think I've had a few more since then - but minor) ............

Here is the thing.... I really feel like I am very sucessful with finding the good in everything  ( minus my pessimistic post before this) but the one thing I have yet to master is applying all my theories and belief systems to my health. I've talked to several people and not many people are successful at it so please if you know how to over come this, lets talk about it here? 

Please comment or even email me if you have some research or opinion or even a hypothesis on this, you've read an article what ever you know.    How can I overcome my health issues with positivity and creative visualization, and/or prayer.