Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How was your vacation? Its almost over.....

I just got home I had to come home to pick up my little guy from the Headstart bus. Today was such a blast I was hanging out with my old friend, the mother of an old friend, the grooviest, coolest, most interesting bubbly crazy fun, eccentric person to hang out with.

It is sad I only got to be with her for 3 hours. This break I've been trying to be in touch with all my old friends and some new that I haven't had time to spend time with lately. After I recuperated from surgery I had coffee with one friend, then I had a different friend for dinner, but it didn't turn out exactly like I wanted. Then the next day I had another friend over to hang out and drink a little. I've also been spending every day helping my mom go shopping she had to spend some money by a certain date or it will count against her income...and my mom is doing better.

But so far today was the best My friend darcy is really charming and compassionate and it makes me have that feeling that I wish I had a parent or someone to talk to. You know... cause I've always cared for my mom, and my dad died in 99 so I'm sort of an orphan in a weird way.

I'm glad I got to see Darcy. She is so fun, she is the type of person that always has a story and is really fun to hang out with. I got the kids off to school and went and had breakfast with her and then we went up to Edgefield and strolled the gardens. (its not a high-quality photo - don't have a great camera right now )

SIDENOTE: Mcmenamins edgefield is a really cool place to go.  If your not from portland/seattle you may not know about the McMenamin brothers.  They buy old buildings remodel them and make them in to resturant/movietheaters/cigar bars/soaking tubs/hotels.  Edgefield was actually a mental hospital in the early 1900's and then I think it was an old folks home now it is a great place for retreats, vacationing, or day trips and concerts.  If you've ever seen "What the bleep do we know"  that is filmed in Portland and shows one of the Mcmenamin theaters, the bagdad where they took one of those fancy old movie theaters and restored it and then modified it by taking out every other row of seats for tables and you have your beer and pizza while you watch an inexpensive movie......(here is a link to their website with a photo gallery of just the edgefield site)  If you ever come to Portland you should go visit one of the McMenamins places check it out.

Soooo we sat on a bench in the gardens while I drank my ruby microbeer brew. (early I know) but the time went so fast and I had to go and take her back so I could pick up jimi...

Since I've been back from Mexico....I haven't spent that much time with old friends and its weird because when I lived in Mexico that was practically all I could think about. But I have seen most everyone and you know how it is with special people sometimes you see them and it is always as if you just saw them yesterday.

The other thing is somehow just being in my city makes me feel so much better. I do love my city Portland and I do love the US.

I just want to say thank you god for letting me live in such a great place with such wonderful people.

Next week back to classes. Introduction to Video production, poetry, college math, Story and Ideation.......

I love my classes I think that this term is going to be a lot better. Last term I had 4 medical procedures and a surgery 1 day after my last final. My bankruptcy hearing. Now I have no assets and no debts, its final. My little guy had broken his collarbone, my nephew pushed him out a first floor window. I participated in the 48 hour film festival and had numerous doctors appointments. My poor kids didnt' get to do hardly anything fun. In addition to that I had the hardest class combination to date that required a collective 50 hours a week of homework.

It was a tough summer. But now all that is behind me, the kids are back in school, this term it will be much smoother.