Thursday, September 30, 2010

Computer tip of the week: House/apartment hunting made simple - with google maps

I've recently figured out the coolest thing!!! I've been dying to find a new apartment/house/duplex that has a yard or large patio with grass.  But most of the time when you drive by the location there is something about the neighborhood that you don't like and you've just wasted your time. Now days even if an ad doesn't have any pictures of the location, with google maps you can see it -  as long as you have the address.

What you do is on Google maps you put in the address and then click on satellite view -  now keep zooming in and zooming in and once you are as close as it goes -  it will often switch to street view where I guess someone actually took photos ? Check out my apartments i just got this off google maps.  I mean how DO THEY get those shots you can walk up and down the road and go in complete circle... is that really all satellite? You can go up and down the street at street view as if you were there. How on earth do they do that?   well anyway, its very handy.  I've saved myself a lot of time because I can tell if there is a back yard or not, or whether it is located in a nice neighborhood or not. 

pretty snazzy huh!