Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The blessing on the wedding shoe

I just got reminded of a funny story.

I married my husband in  2001. I wore that white dress and  some white slip on high heels.

After the wedding and the wedding party I occasionally wore my heels and one day I turned over one of my shoes and noticed that a gold cross was on the bottom of my shoe. I took it as a blessing from god on my marriage and rather superstitiously left it exactly where I found it and still continued to wear my shoes occasionally.  I felt like it was just a happy coincidence.

So time went on and several years went by, it must have been 2006 and I was having a family get together at my home.  That day I decided to wear my wedding shoes.  And for some reason something inspired me to tell the story of the cross to my sister in law and show her my shoe.

Guess what...?  It turned out that cross was actually my brother in laws earring he had lost some time before, most likely at a family party when I was wearing my shoes.

I had never even realized it was an earring. So sheepishly, I pulled it out and gave it back to them.

Regardless of the circumstances, it was amazing that the universe orchestrated my brother in law to lose his earring and I stepped on it without feeling anything.....

Thank you god.
It was my blessing.

God bless,
Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland