Saturday, August 14, 2010

Striving for a dream - ball and chain and dragging everyone to the finish line- perseverance!

Sometimes life's difficulties combined with a dream are what make you come alive. I spent 2 years in varying degrees of poverty and riches in mexico. I lived that tropical dream for a bit with water falls and daily cruises. I drank Margaritas in the pool of resorts. I quit my corporate job. I followed my dreams. I've birthed children. Now my dreams are sustaining. I have some new health complications - as if I didn't have enough stress with immigration problems and the stroke in may. I will have to get 1/2 of my thyroid out because it might be cancerous. Not good news. But for me it is all the more reason to go for my dreams.

On Tuesday one of my exceptional teachers - who produced little people by the way -

At my school we are taught by real industry professionals - AI is VERY EXPENSIVE but we get real world knowledge.

Anyway, I'm running off subject. So this very nice teacher was saying take time for myself and take it easy. And I said... "no I'm not taking time off of school, I'm 39, if I give up college, I give up my dreams, and if I give up my dreams I give up my will to live."

I think some people push really hard for their dreams when they are faced with these challenges. Sometimes if your life is consistently pretty good, nothing pushes you to be your very best.

I am thankful for my life. I am thankful for everything. I love my life. And I still see my future 2 1/2 million dollar house on the cliff in Santa Barbara, it is completely designed. And now I am wondering why do I need the shag white carpet in the glass screening room. I mean... do I really need that room. No children or food are allowed in that room. but its there.

god bless - god bless everyone who makes lemonade out of lemons. !!!

PS - the other day - Bob a big meanie that likes to spread misery around gave me a huge compliment - he said "Life isn't all peaches and cream... get real you snot nosed happy person... (and) go to hell you happy bitch)

I've decided to incorporate those sayings into my blog.

I think I might even change my name on here to incorporate it.

for now PV girl in Portland