Monday, August 9, 2010

Did I ever tell you how one time a really big girl beat me up because of my optimism

 i JUST Texted this TO SOMEONE:  "Did I ever tell you how one time a really big girl beat me up because of my optimism"  

 that sounds so unbelievable. but Its a true story.  Back in 1997 I was hanging out with some neighbors by my town house (a rental) - and a girl got her car towed. I went and talked to the tow truck driver and I tried to get him to un hook the car.  But it was one of those opportunistic tow trucks trying to make extra money. it was totally un necessary.  Anyway, So I was trying to console the girl and make her feel better. I spent alot of time talking about how sometimes when something bad happens it is really an opportunity of some kind. Just usually you don't know until later what the opportunity was.  She got really irritated and started yelling and insulting me -  and I told her she should leave. She came after me violently and tried to punch me and ended up falling on me and I got 2 bruised ribs. 

a similar problem happened to me last weekend. It was the 48 hour film 

This contest should really be called - the 48 hour crash course in how to make a movie.  It was amazing. and terrible.

The director and I had been brainstorming on preparations for weeks before hand. I had been out buying costumes at the thrift store. And we scouted locations for a few hours and drove all over town.  I vowed to be a dedicated Assistant Director. And so the anticipation grew as we got closer.  We were trying to think of every possible genre. But with all that anticipation it turned out -  the genre we actually got had never crossed my  mind. We got "Film Noir" and I didn't even know what it was.....  I know what Dick Tracy kind of films are but I did not realize that was its own genre.  

The contest criteria was:  We had to have a character named Pete Peterson or Pam Peterson, you had to have Pistachios in the movie. And the last thing was you had to have a character saying "I have a surprise for you!"

So you get your criteria and then you have 48 hours to make a movie.

We got back to our home base starting point and us 3 girls sat down and brain stormed a story. It was the Director, Me- the Assistant Director, and the Producer. we outlined the story for several hours and then it was 12:15am when we finished and I said I have to go home and sleep. 

6:30 am I woke up and went shopping for food for the shoot. I knew everyone would get hungry, its like cramming for an exam.  You work and work and if you don't have food handy you starve.  So I bought drinks ice, a cooler, all kinds of stuff, sandwiches, I bought the pistachios, hummus, fruit.  I get over to our home base at like 8:45 or so.  And Still the other crew weren't there. 

We shot all day and ended up going to 8 locations

In the last location we all got a 2nd wind and we finished up with some really well acted and creatively lit scenes.  Then we all decided to get a good nights sleep and meet at 10 am the next day to edit. 

First off, the director and I were on time. I mean I was driving so yea!.  And then other people start showing up. I was in good spirits, sort of adrenalin, and calm zen mode, just like the day the girl beat me up.  But then things started falling apart.  We all got confused which tape had the footage from the night before and we couldn't figure out why it wasn't on a certain tape.  we freaked. I had a sense that there was something obvious going on and I said so. I thought it was something obvious we could figure out. The director really got stressed and sorta flipped. She yelled at me several times (very un like her) and sorta took out her frustrations on me. I somehow didn't even get pissed off (except one time) and stayed calm. I was there to the very end.  

But after I left the adrenaline wore off and It actually took me about 20 hours to feel better. She actually did admit she was being mean and she did apologize. But thats really a hard position to be in.  

time will tell. and again I have to walk the walk right? faith. I know I  everything will get better between us.