Saturday, July 24, 2010

What to bring to mexico when you move.

I'm not in Mexico anymore. But, I know how hard it can get while you are there. Things are horrible when you don't have any money, or hardly any money and you are stuck in mexico, perhaps with serious medical problems like me. And especially if you don't have anyone to help you and no close friends.

People always ask "What is the most important thing to bring to mexico?" There are thousands of things that might be the most important thing to bring. But what I think is the most important is your faith in life. Faith that things will keep moving and that eventually everything will be ok.

If you have that in the US you have to have it in Mexico. Don't underestimate this. Because for us American Gals more often then not living in Mexico will test your faith.

Remember faith IS what you have when there is absolutely no reason to believe in anything. When everything points to the worst. When there is no verification in THIS WORLD that everything will be ok. Faith IS in that moment you STILL BELIEVE, everything will be good. And that you can find good at that time.

When I talk about this, my husband pleads with me, "sometimes you just can't do it! sometimes it just isn't possible"

And I reply with a light or a flashlight and I say look at the darkness, that is fear, and I shine the light on the darkness and I say, faith is the light. And you can't have both at the same time. When you lose faith that is when the fear comes in. Remember that, faith and fear cannot co-exist. They are opposites. You have to train your mind to have faith and catch yourself.

Perhaps these desperate times are there to teach us to enjoy our lives and live in the moment. Who knows, but the most important thing to have when you live in Mexico is this invisible thing... faith and with that you have hope.