Friday, June 25, 2010

Some day I'll rock some fashion EVERDAY

A soft cool breeze comes in through the  open window I hear children playing in the distance, birds are chirping and I am sitting on the bed with (let me count) ok 10 stacks of magazines.  I keep subscribing to magazines with my US Airways miles from when I was doing all that traveling around. Now there is no money to travel, but there are airline miles. However, not enough to use to travel.  Other than the airline miles subscriptions I have 2 other publications to read, Movie Maker Magazine which is the Art of Business and Making Movies, Then there is the OMPA monthly newsletter, and on top of that there are the countless parenting and film resource and various newspapers I pick up and plan to read at some point, then there are the subscriptions I got with the air miles, Glamour, Lucky, Fast Company, Wired, Entertainment Weekly, and This Old House.

On a daily basis I spend a lot of time reading and writing blogs and checking emails. Then when I have class I am always busy with that, so I never get a chance to keep up on the magazines, but I keep getting more? What?

Tonight I came home from my sister in laws - the children are staying over night over there, and I am home and I sit down with these stacks.  It feels so good to read with no interruptions from anyone yet at first I still couldn't  concentrate because I'm not used to it.  So I put all the magazines in stacks by type and I put them in date order with the oldest on the top. I found one Glamour from September 2009.  I start reading into it and I see all these awesome fashions and ideas that I would love to do. But in reality I actually spend a lot of time in my Nike running shoes and comfortable jeans. Ewwww. How mom is that? I've gotten a little more chubby since I started college and I'm so busy who has time to tinker around in heels and sexy dresses. There was a time when I would wear heels with dresses,  skirts, and suits every day.  But that all ended with my last Executive Assistant Position.

However, I still would like to dress attractive. You know what? I'll even go as far to say that someday I'd like to work out a few times a week again (I can't wait till I have time and space). Right now I walk a lot, but usually to get to and from somewhere, or to entertain the children. I have a plan, one day when I am making money in my career and I have A "manny" and maid. as well as my mercedes. Once again (or technically finally) I will have fashionable clothes that I wear everyday.  And, I'll even have my hair done, and I'll have my nails and toe nails done, all the time - not false but done.   That stuff all takes money and time.  But for now its jeans and shorts and thongs and nikes.  PS - I used to have 55 pairs of heels. Back in the day.

Back to my reading.