Thursday, June 24, 2010

Extreme ironing the way check out these pics its about extreme ironing

So .... I'm sitting at the community center pool and watching my two little ones doing their free 1 week trial swimming lessons and I start talking to a really nice Caucasian lady.  Turns out she is married to a Mexican man also. A Blue eyed Blonde haired Mexican of Spanish decent from Guererro. That was yesterday. Today she had her sister-in-law with her a really nice lady. Somehow we got chatting about how I used to live in Mexico and then I was talking about el pueblo de mi esposo, cerca de Morelia, and how it was bien rancho alli. So for what ever reason I had to mention that they would judge me on little things, such as sewing, cooking, how I do my daughters hair, or ..... Ironing.  Lisa the American wife, said she doesn't like ironing either and we both agreed it is better to put our  clothes in the dryer and fold it.

The sister-in-law said she liked ironing.

I said "But you hang your clothes on the line and need to iron it right?"

 She said "no, I iron tshirts, pants, skirts, shorts" essentially everything, the reason is because she likes the line it leaves.

I must say that is a huge cultural/generation difference from me.  My grandmother ironed, but not me.  From my point of view everyone in Mexico loves ironing. So if you are planning to move to Mexico be prepared.  If you don't care about what people think, like me, you will be fine with no lines.  But if you are sensitive to those types of pressures you might break out that iron and you will surely win the respect of many people that you are mexicana. Mi suegra... actually ironed my husbands underwear. What?

You know one day I asked her "Do you iron your own underwear?"

 She said "No." However, for some reason she ironed his.