Thursday, June 3, 2010

Immigration Reform is going to Pass

This post is a trick. I am posting this because a huge amount of people came to my blog when I posted a blog entitled "Immigration Reform is going to pass" I'm reposting this because I want to ask you a question. Are you doing everything you can to help immigration reform pass?

Have you contacted your legislators on a regular basis? Are you involved with groups that champion the issue? If you don't please do. If you have questions about where should you start make a comment here or email me and maybe I can give some suggestions. If you have the energy and time to search to see if Immigration reform is going to pass, then you surely have a few minutes to go to contact your legislators and actually give a real chance at getting it passed.

If you don't know already, government is on the squeaky wheel system. That means the louder we are the more the people who can get something done will listen. After all they want their job and if they think the only way to keep their job is by doing what the people want they will do it.

Sorry for deceiving you.

Personally, I do think Immigration Reform will pass because I have faith you will contact your legislators and that people will go for the side of humanity vs. Red tape in the law.

Bless you,
Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland