Thursday, June 3, 2010

Immigration Reform from the Anti's Ironic statement

I just did a search for Oregon Immigration Reform and I came across a group that says which Oregon representatives support ending birthright citizenship and who support legalized racial profiling. I looked around their page a little more and saw how on 4th of July they will march. I'm thinking I might want to be there marching myself, wearing a flag. but carrying signs for American Families united and pro immigration rallying. Because to me being American being proud of our diversity because the USA is a melting pot of all types of people.

Anyway - what I find Ironic is that they say to wear period wear. So they really want to go there huh? I just posted a few days ago how back then, in "the period" if they ended birthright citizenship, that would mean that unless you are Native American you are not American.

What is wrong in their brains. Logically it doesn't make any sense.