Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hey all you Republicans - whattya think about your buddies now

Ok so I'm going to make a generalization but I think it is a fair generalization.  Take a look at the 2004 Kerry-democratic vs. Bush-Republican Political party map.

Go Watch Gasland - its on HBO I saw it the other night - or see if you can rent it.
Here is the trailer: When you get to the map - pause the trailer and compare to the  republican map. Almost all of the areas where there is the natural gas drilling is republican areas - where they are creating extremely hazardous conditions while they harness the natural gas.


If you care about our water - watch it.
If you care about the Human Race - you should watch it
If you care about the environment - you should watch it

The areas affected by the natural gas environmental epic that is literally poisoning our lands and killing our people seems to be almost the same map as the republican party - hmmm coincidence?

The other thing is - I think we all need to start thinking about sustainable energy.  I know - many people want to keep their same routines and not even bother, but we have got to stop buying what the oil companies are selling. There are hundreds of new energy options out there - My favorite is Solar

If you are a republican - you should watch it and think about it. What has your party really done for you?