Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Every great civilizations demise

At the very end of "The Senators Bargain"  a man speaks, I am not sure if he is a senator or who it is. But he says that every great civilizations demise is when they cannot solve their own problems.  Katrina and this are mentioned and then he goes on to basically say that when a civilization cannot solve its problems they get stuck on the lowest common denominator and because they are stuck bickering and becoming more ignorant and less accepting, ultimately everything falls apart.

I agree, a great nation must be united. However, I am damned if I am going to be united in Hate.  I loved that documentary.  I really recommend it. Look for it. "The Senators Bargain" really good info for xenophobes as well as pro immigration advocates. That is why I keep saying we should all be humanitarians so we can have a better future not a future full of hate and ultimately a country that falls apart. It does feel like that doesn't it. Like our country is falling apart?