Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Silent protest - we should all rise together and wear the flag in protest of Racism

This is to Everyone who is in the United States! I think all of us Pro Immigration, Dream Act, Family Unity, any person of color, anyone with a tan, anyone who is an immigrant, anyone who knows an immigrant, anyone with a heart - we should all rise up and wear a t-shirt with a flag. We need to remind everyone that all skin colors are American. That our civil rights protect us regardless of immigration status, that is how our Civil Rights are written. We are all patriots to this wonderful melting pot of a country - we ALL Belong here! I think we should Start Advertising the American Flag with this message.
The anti's try to act as if the American Flag is validating their negative hate, but to me, it is a symbol of the melting pot of America. From Obama to the white Americans In Arizona who supported the hate law, to the little girl recently shot and killed in Arizona by a drugged out racist - WE ARE ALL AMERICAN. We must stop this hate back and forth and unify.  I think we should start a movement and everyone for Humans - for Immigration - for families being unified - anyone who knows what it is like to move so you can work to feed your family - anyone who has a dream for a better life - anyone who can sympathize that some people risk their lives for that dream - anyone who wants the hate to stop - anyone who is caught in the middle of this and still loves the people on the other side of this issue - anyone who has kindness for people in their heart - anyone who wants to be like Jesus - anyone who thinks that people are fundamentally good - anyone who cares about the children and  wants a future for them with happiness and understanding - lets start a movement, lets wear t-shirts with flags on it and show that we are all united? We are all american in our heart!  Being American is not based on color!

Who's with me?