Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lots of interesting stuff today - Natural gas cars - Protest vigil about Arizona law

I had the sleep study done last night - the sleep technician was very talkative and informative somehow we drifted from parenting to environment to her car. She drives a Honda Natural Gas car and drives from Portland to Seattle for GET THIS $5.00 she says her husband commutes all month to work driving for $13.00 a month. I want to check into this a little more and maybe write a paper about it for my argumentation class. Here is a link to the car she drives.

Got home this morning with a vague memory of sleep talking and a bunch of glue in my hair from all the nogiles (sp?) .  The technician said I gave quite the performance.
Then we were off to the children's museum on the train. 

Then we were on our way to the vigil - below is part of a performance before the vigil and march - it was very funny.

There was the seduction of ICE and the Arizona law enforcement then Arpio gave the bride away.  And just as they were about to get married a guy with a sign that said community broke out in an ICE ICE  baby rap. It was very entertaining.   There were a few performers - folk music style talking about the issues.

Then we marched. And we chanted. At first we chanted in Spanish. But I truly think the issue isn't just about  Mexicans. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge supporter of Mexican immigration, legalizing illegal immigrants that are here to better their lives through working.  But this issue is about everyone. It is about one hate group trying to control the whole deal, they are starting with Arizona.
I have to say I am proud of myself. I do alot of advocating on the internet. I ALWAYS CONTACT MY LEGISLATORS. It's easy and it is something you can easily do from anywhere if you've got an internet connection, including Mexico or outside the country. Go to if you need help with that. Anyway, this is a civil rights issue. This is about everyone, some people say it isn't only about immigration and civil rights its about giving the  police more power.

And so I liked it when we chanted in English too. That's all I'm saying.   I really enjoyed the experience too. However, there were a few socialist groups out there, and I'm not into that.  I'm not trying to start a new government party. I hate to say it but my battle is closer to home in my heart. People say we need to put our personal issues aside, but everything in this world is bias.  Most people just don't know what they don't know. I've lived in Mexico I've been around racist people, I've got personal immigration issues. Of course I'm going to want that first, its only natural. But I too want other issues that are important. Like the Dream act. I am for humanity, man. 

Yeah I said man. I guess that grass roots stuff is rubbing off. I liked marching today. We must get our voices heard. Write your legislator. stop being lazy. talk to each other, people have to start educating the people that are beliveing all the mis information. 

god bless, 
Puerto Vallarta Girl In Portland