Monday, May 31, 2010

Here is what a sleep study is like - for all you curious folk

I thought I'd type up really quick what my sleep study was like in case anyone was curious.

I arrived at the building at 9:30 pm waited in the lobby for a few minutes with a lady that is doing the sleep study for a 3rd time. She had heart problems and Sleep Apnea evidently. A sleep technician that is a graphic artist by day picked us up and took us each to a room that was basically like a single hotel room at your local Howard Johnson. There was a sleep number bed and a small bag with toiletries. I talked with the technician who was not a nurse by the way, but was an expert at the equipment. She had got into doing this line of work form her own sleep study. It was funny even the security officer said he did a sleep study.

Then I watched an introductory video explaining how everything would go, and I filled out a questionnaire. Next the sleep technician came in and had me try out different masks while connected to the sleep apnea machine.

Can you imagine me with that oh so sexy machine on every night. When I mentioned how attractive it is the tech said that people usually feel better during the day and therefore more sexy in that sense so it is worth it. We will see what happens. Anyway, so I liked one more similar to that, the smaller one made me feel like I was drowning. Then I took that off and sat still while the sleep technician attached around 100 wires to my body. each one that was on my scalp she had to scrape my scalp with what felt like a razor blade, and I had a cheerful conversation the whole time. She cleaned the area where she scraped with something and there was a stack of bloody qtips next to me, so unless it was bright red cleaning solution, I'm pretty sure that was blood. Not really sure how many wires she put on but it must have been literally 50 maybe more that checked for brain waves, eye movement, teeth grinding, limb movement, breathing, etc. etc. etc.

So finally the tech goes out and speaks to me through the speaker and asks me to move my eyes, and hold my breath, and move my limbs. then finally she comes, turns off the lights, says if I need anything just speak out and she will hear me. I hope I didn't fart, how embarrasing.

Then they watch me all night with an infrared camera and wake me up at 6:30 am I took a shower and tried to remove all the glue stuff out of my hair and voila. It was over.