Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Government Conspiracy - as always - food-immigration-war contracts-what next?

Yesterday in my Argumentation and Research class we watched Food Inc.
One student that I actually enjoy talking to (it's hard to believe but I do), is very opinionated. God forbid Republican, and I think probably quite racist based on some of his comments.  I'm NOT saying I agree with him on ANY level (I DON'T) -  I have opposite views from him, (though I do try to see through peoples exteriors as a spiritual practice) and he is quite intelligent, his voice sounds exactly like Woody Harrelson, which is ironic because Woody is very liberal, anyway it is just amazing the things that come out of his mouth. He is rather brainwashed. I'm not sure how this happens to people....? Its as if some people buy everything they read in the general media. They just take what they were given and run with it.  Then on the other hand maybe those people think the same thing about me when I say, Government is founded on conspiracy.

Here is how yesterdays conversation went. We were watching the first part of Food, Inc.   It was sort of surprising, I found it surprising because it is a movie about how yet another facet of government, one so very intimate to every single american "Food" is controlled by the rich and powerful, for the financial gain of the rich and powerful. In other words, the people that regulate the laws and enforce laws, and create and audit the laws of FDA and food and agriculture related laws, are all former employees of the 4 most powerful food/grain/seed companies in the world.  My Woody Harrelson look(&sound)-a-like classmate was aghast. He said "Well.... thats just not right, that's a conflict of interest".

I had to chuckle to myself, because he is a military man and just last week told me that an american life is a more valuable life than people from other countries, and blah, North Korea,  blah blah Iraq, blah blah un civilized countries. And I said "It all depends your point of reference. If you are in North Korea and you asked them, they would probably say a North Korean life is more valuable to save, etc. etc.  Or how it is probably the same  in Mexico which I noticed as a minority living in Mexico so it is a revolutionary concept I know to us Americans. We are really so arrogant and we don't even know it. Anyway, point is- food, tobacco, immigration, war supply government contracts are all a cog in the huge government conspiracy of the rich who are controlling the government.

How could he really not realize that?